Acropora-X Sample List
Cyphastrea Red
Cytherea Pikachu
Divaricata Red Devil
Efflorescens Blue
Hoeksemai (Deepwater) Purple with Green Polyps
Hyacinthus Red Planet
Hyacinthus Red & Green
Horrida Pink & Green
Lastitella Bali Shortcake
Microclados Pink Lemonade
Microclados Indo Strawberry Shortcake
Microclados Yellow
Millepora Forest Fire
Millepora Orange Rainbow-Blue
Millepora Purple
Millepora Red & Blue-tip with Green Tentacles
Millepora Red Sunset with Green Tentacles
Millepora Tri-color
Montipora Palawanensis Jason Fox Apple Berry Morph
Montipora Tugescens Orange Polyps
Nasuta Red with Yellow Polyps
Natalensis Bright Green with Pink Tips and Yellow Polyps
Natalensis Bi-color Pink Tips
Plana Tri-color
Porites AUS Red
Prostata Blue
Robusta - Two-color
Rosaria Pinkish with Yellow Tips
Secale Tri-color
Solytariensis Red & Green
Suharsonoi Yellow
Subulata Deep Purple Tri-color
Tenuis Super Blue with Yellow Polyps
Tenuis Yellow & Blue
Tenuis Red
Tenuis Bright Green with Blue Tips
Tenuis - Rainbow - Green Center with Blue Tips and Yellow Polyps
Tenuis - Tri-color - Blue Purple Green
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