Marine Livestock Lists - .pdf pages
Shown below are some of the current availability lists from the various places of origin.

The lists on this page are all .pdf pages (Adobe "Portable Document Format") ... by clicking any of the hotlinks below, a page will open with a current stock list, sizing, pricing, or order codes.

These lists are updated regularly, but they may not be the most current, so if you are interested in ordering, please send us an e-mail to request the most recent list. The lists below, however, are a good example of what has been coming in from the various sites. Our most current lists, which are e-mailed are available for reading in Microsoft Excel.


FIJI (Fish & Corals)

FIJI BOX-LOT (Specials)

Note: Fiji corals are currently not available - Jan. 1, '18

FLORES (Indonesia)

Jakarta-"M" Indo Corals (fancy)

Kupang Corals

Tonga Corals

Fish & Inverts:

Bali Blue

Bali Nusa

Irian Jaya
Includes cultured soft corals




Sri Lanka

Greenhouse List

Tanked Fish & Corals
Includes Indo-Pacific fish & inverts, African fish, Indo & Viet Nam corals, Australian corals