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How it All Works -

Our ordering process ...

Our shipments of live rock, corals, or fish are sent to your local airport. We ship to just about all major U.S. airports. You may send us an e-mail us before placing your order to inquire regarding your nearest major airport. At that time, we can tell you what your approximate shipping costs will be.

After we have received your order and know what the shipping schedule is going to be, you will receive an e-mail telling you when your shipment is expected to arrive LAX and when it is expected to arrive at your local airport.

When your live rock, corals, or fish have arrived to LAX and have been shipped on your airline, you will receive an e-mail letting you know what flight your shipment is expected to be on and when it's scheduled to arrive at your airport. At this time, you will also receive other pertinent information regarding your shipment, as well as contact information for your airline. If you have any questions along the way, you may either e-mail us or call us. Your shipping payment is made directly to the airline when you pick up your order.

Leadtimes for the various livestock products can fluctuate and are dependent on where your live rock, corals or fish originate from, as the incoming flights may arrive on different days. Due to this, ship days may vary. Also, we place our orders several days in advance of the incoming shipments. If your order is placed prior to our ordering day, your order may arrive in approx. five days (or sooner), but if your order is placed just after our ordering day (deadline), your order will more than likely arrive with the subsequent incoming shipment, which can be a week+ later. Also, there can be delays during certain times of the year. Planning ahead is crucial when scheduling your livestock order ... if you would like to find out what the shipping schedules are in advance of placing your order, just send us a message or give us a call. Although not the norm, airline delays or mishandling can occur, which we unfortunately have no control over and cannot be held 100% responsible.

Our products can only be shipped within the U.S., so international orders cannot be accepted. We also cannot arrange for meetings at LAX due to many factors.

Please be sure to call or e-mail us with your phone number when ordering!

How to place an order ...

The easiest way to get started is to send us an e-mail or call us to find out if what you are interested in is going to be available. From there, you can either order from the website if it is a Box-lot (assorted), or we can e-mail you a payment button. If you are ordering corals or fish from a list, then you'll need to e-mail your list to us so we can estimate what your order will be. We can send you a file with the most current lists so you can create your order. Also, many of our lists are available for viewing on the following page ...

   (.pdf pages)

These pages can give you an idea of the types of marine livestock we have available ...

Additional ordering & shipping information ...

Our toll-free phone numbers for calls within the U.S.
is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Central time)

(866) 874-7639

(855) 225-8086

(If you have trouble with the first number, please use the second number.)

If we are temporarily unavailable for some reason, please leave a message ... we will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you!

If you own a store and wish to inquire about our products, please send us an e-mail and let us know where you are located.

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