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Ambon Island is in the Malukus (Moluccas) east of Java. This is a new site to come on line with some outstanding corals. They are not a full-line collection station, but a specialty, mostly cultured corals, site with a short list. They specialize in the rarer or fancier color forms and species. It is a bit high as a result of that and the extra flight involved getting to Jakarta to get a flight to the U.S.

The Acropora, Euphyllia, and Acanthastrea are amazing. They don't have the widest selection, but what they work with is A-1 5-star Ultra grade. They also have some fancy zoas and shrooms. It is all 'no picks' and assorted only beyond the line item. You can't choose which Acans or Acros. The photo page gives you a good idea of what they are growing and shipping now though.

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Ambon Acropora


Acropora - Rare Strain Premium - Sm-Med
Acropora - Select Quality Acropora Mixed Species M-L - Large
Acanthastrea - Acan Echinata - Lordhowensis Mix
Caulastrea - Neon Green Candy Cane
Echinophyllia - Chalice premium
Euphyllia ancora - Wall Hammer Mix (Gold, Green) premium
Euphyllia glabrescens - Color Torch - Multi Heads (Gold, Green) premium
Favia - Mixed premium
Favites - Mixed Favites premium
Galaxea - Green Galaxea
Hydnophora - Neon Green
Lobophyllia - Mixed Color Lobophyllia
Merulina ampliata - Neon Green
Montipora - Premium Color Encrusting
Montipora - Color Branch
Pocillopora - Red Pocillopora
Porites - Premium Mix Encrusting
Seriatopora - Mix Color Bird's Nest
Stylophora - Mix Color
Turbinaria - Pagoda Scroll
Rhodactis - Full colony mixed Rhodactis mushroom - fancy color


Blue Macau premium Zoanthus
Big Eyes premium Zoanthus
Mixed Assorted Zoanthus

Nano Corals

Zoanthus cultured - 2-2.5" - Mixed
Zoanthus cultured - 1" - Mixed
Mushroom cultured - 2"+ - Mixed Rhodactis & Discosoma
Mushroom cultured - 1-1.5" - Mixed Rhodactis & Discosoma
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