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See Australia section under "Corals" for a selection of tanked Australian corals on the above.


The following is another one of the Aussie suppliers with some pricing. A box is about 25 small, 12-20 medium, and 5-10 large pieces. It is $375 per box F.O.B. LAX which means everything such as re-ox, Australia box and packing, CITES, clearance, and freight from Australia to LAX is included in that $375 (all the inbound charges per box), then add the cost of the contents. Domestic freight from LAX to your airport will be paid by you when you pick up (freight collect from LAX to you and your airport).

Australia Corals
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Special Note: this 'B' box is currently unavailable! We are hoping they bring it back again soon.
There is an Australia box-lot special called the "B"-box, which is a box of 20 assorted Australian corals (you cannot choose types). They are pieces that got dinged or banged or broke a branch, or the color is not super-ultra, so they are "B" corals. It is 20 pieces for $800.00. Most customers have said they were almost all "A"-grade in short order, sizing and variety is great, but you may get more than one of some types. You may have to wait, as this is not available every week.


Here is a short slide show featuring some Australian corals. You may either watch it from here, or go to it from the link below.

Note - If photos appear pixelated, adjust the settings wheel on the bottom toolbar on the video screen, which is at the left side of the right hand group of icons, second from the left, to 480p or HD after you have started the slide show and it will correct the resolution setting.

Link to Slide Show
Yes it is higher than a giraffe's rear end. It's Aussie! Pricing seems to have been done after too many Foster's, which they make at 12% for themselves, while we get 6% here. The corals are great, no DOA, and good sizes.

Acanthastrea Bowerbanks
Acanthastrea Hills
Acan Lord Howe Frags
Acan Lord Howe Ultra
Acan Lord Howe Grade A
Acan Lord Howe Grade B
Staghorn Coral - Acropora
Flowerpot Coral - Alveopora
Balanophyllia Sp
Blastomussa Merletti
Blastomussa Wellsi - Red or Green
Jardini Coral - Ultra Grade - Catalaphyllia Jardinei
Jardini Coral - Grade B - Catalaphyllia Jardinei
Candy Cane - Caulastrea Furcata
Cushion Coral - Cynarina Lacrymalis
Orange Cypastrea
Coralimorphs - Discosoma Sp
Duncan Corals - Duncanopsammia Axifuga
Chalice Coral - Ultra - Echinophyllia
Chalice Coral - A - Echinophyllia
Chalice Coral - Std - Echinophyllia
Chalice Coral - Frags - Echinophyllia
E. Ancora-Divisa Cross Fluoro Rare - Euphyllia Ancora
E. Ancora-Pink-Orange Hammer - Euphyllia Ancora
E. Ancora - Ultra Green Euphyllia Ancora
E. Ancora - Hammer Coral - A - Euphyllia Ancora
E. Divisa - Ultra Grade - Euphyllia Divisa
E. Divisa - Grade A - Euphyllia Divisa
E. Divisa - Std - Euphyllia Divisa
E. Glabrescens - Gold Stem - Euphyllia Glabrescens
E. Glabrescens - Torch - Grade A - Euphyllia Glabrescens
Favia - Reverse Prism
Favia - Assorted
Favites - Prism
Favites - Assorted
Favites - Red Meteorshower
Sm Polyp Fungia
Fungia Purple
Fungia Orange
Maze Coral - Pink - Goniastrea Australensis
Bright Moon Coral - Goniastrea
Goniopora Red
Carpet Coral - Hydnophora
Maze Coral - Flouro - Leptoria Phrygia
Maze Coral - Assorted - Leptoria Phrygia
Maze Coral - Green - Leptoria Phrygia
Lobo - Multicolor - Lobophyllia Hemprichii
Lobo - Assorted Lobophyllia
Montipora Coral
Moseleya latistellata
Orange Nephthea Soft Corals
Oulophyllia Open Maze
Orange Pavona
Carnation Coral - Pectinia
Platygyra Open Maze
Sm Polyp Pearl Bubble Coral - Plerogyra lichtensteini
Bubble Coral Pink - Plerogyra sinuosa
Bubble Coral Green - Plerogyra sinuosa
Bubble Coral - Plerogyra sinuosa
Moosehorn Coral - Pocillopora
Porites Coral
Rhodactis - Purple-Speckled - Rhodactis Mussoides
Leather Coral - Sarcophyton Sp
Tiger Gorgonian Sponge - Scleractania
Scolly - Multicolor Ultra - Scollymia Australis
Scolly - Multicolor A - Scollymia Australis
Scolly - Standard - Scollymia Australis
Bird Nest Coral Seriatopora
Finger Leather Coral - Sinularia
Symphyllia - Multicolor - Symphyllia
Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi
Sun Coral - Tubastrea sp
Green Sun Coral - Tubastrea
Organ Pipe Coral - Tubipora Musica
Vase Coral - Turbinaria Mesenterina
Zoanthus - Zooanthid

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