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Bali Corals

Bali-Prop (propagated) was formerly called Java, and many older Acro photos (and the Java Acro list) on our web site labeled Java were actually from what is now called Bali-Prop. The supplier was being coy with source location, generally for good reason if you knew some of the pirates in the business. Anyway, they were and remain the best cultured Indo area Acros and other SPS where you can pick from a species list.

To order Bali-Prop, make a list of 22-25 types you want (unless you want assorted), and expect 20 in the box, most from the list. Sometimes at the last minute, something gets lined out of a CITES permit, or "those don't look good to ship," etc., you never know -- but you can get a sub, or two of one and none of another you ordered. Overall it will match your list well. If you can't handle any substitutions, then please do not order it. Although there isn't anywhere else that is as good at being as close to spot-on as they are, that is as good quality. Most places only ship 'assorted' Acros and don't offer a species and color list to choose from. As often as not the two subs they put in will be un-ID'd things, or unusual or odd variants or colors of something, and the best two pieces in the box. Always best to ask for the most recent updated list.

And know that you may be seeing a different growth form than the ones you are familiar with. Just because it doesn't look like some of type-X you have seen, does not mean that is the only way that species appears. While we can get fairly sure of many ID's visually with external characters, it is not always possible to be certain without a skeletal cross-section or DNA, despite what the intertubes might lead you to believe.  

Here are some pictures of some Bali-prop cultured Acropora that came in March 2015. Some group shots in the flat and then some closeups. The lighting wasn't the best for photos so colors are washed out a bit, besides being just after arrival.

We thank Ray U. of Maryland for kindly allowing us to use his photos.

Note that these photos were taken shortly after arrival of shipment, not in 'for photos' lighting, so just candid point and shoot pix, besides being still a bit faded and washed out from shipping.
Bali Acropora

Bali Acropora

Bali Acropora

Bali Acropora Bali Acropora

Bali Acropora Bali Acropora

Bali Acropora Bali Acropora Bali Acropora Bali Acropora Bali Acropora Bali Acropora

Bali Acropora Bali Acropora
Left is just after arrival, right is after a week of good light, and fragging.
Note the neon intensity improvement.

Bali Acropora Bali Acropora

Bali Acropora
Any acropora may have Acropora crabs in them.

Here are some recent comments from customers receiving Bali-Prop ...

"Out of this collection, I can honestly say 70-80% of these we simply won't see available in the stores around here, and most of the remainder it would a rare appearance." - Ray U., Maryland

"You did me good ... I'm happy, happy, happy. 100% survival on arrival. One looked pale in the bag. I thought he had shed his zeo, but once acclimated and under lights he's a yellow-gold with pink tips. He's a short little fat thing with three branches. One branch is going to display, the other two are going to my home system. Got a couple *very* nice neon yellows. One going to display, the other is going home with me. Got a couple deep teal with pink tips, greens with teal tips, purples. I've got to place another order to sell to my customers cause I'm keeping half of this order for myself. Oh, and the montipora are as nice as they come. Excellent color and growth pattern. Anyway, Thanks ... I'LL BE IN TOUCH!" - Randy F., Winchester, VA

"Got the coral and tangs, they look pretty good will see what they look like in the tank. I think a couple are not what I ordered but they still are nice.   :)  " ..... a few hours later a second e-mail.... "They are opening up and they look awesome amazing color glad you steered me in the right direction again." - Jerry S., Lincoln, NE

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