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If you wish to place an order, please request the most current list.

As some of you have likely heard the shot fired round the coral world by now, Fiji has opened back up for coral shipping to the U.S. It has been offline to the U.S. since 2018. My understanding is that soft corals only were still being shipped to Europe and Asia. I rather doubt live rock will reopen though, if you are wondering. If there was ever a time I wanted to be wrong that would be it.  

Anyway, the new list looks not remarkably very like the old list. The first shipment has come in and overall was great, like the old days. See the photos below. Good sizes, good pieces, good survival. Same as it ever was. Variety is somewhat limited as always, save for Acropora which there is great diversity of. However, they only ship them as assorted, no requests are entertained, you do not get to pick and choose. Usually you get outstanding colonies.

Mushrooms and zoas are one type each so far, as it used to be. LPS are very good and so are the softies like leathers. As an average the boxes are 15 pieces, though some may get a few more depending what you order and how sizes are running.

Right now we are at $550 per box on the inbound landing and handling charges. Like everything else this covers everything from Fiji through LAX. From the origin box and packing fee, ground transporation fee ($35 per box!), CITES permit fees, and international freight. Then at LAX the Customs and U.S.F.& W. clearance, the repack, and an airbill and drop-off fee. All included in one ball o'wax. The domestic shipping from LAX to your airport is NOT included and you pay that to the airline on or before pickup (about $100 for one box).


Here are some recent photos of Fiji corals ...

A special thanks to C.L. in SC for the following Fiji coral photos ...

Fiji Coral

Fiji Coral

Fiji Coral

Fiji Coral

Fiji Coral

Fiji Coral

A very special thanks to one of our customers for the following Fiji corals photos ...

Fiji Lobophyllia
Red Lobophyllia

Fiji Favia

Fiji Favites

Fiji Favites

Fiji Sarcophyton
Yellow Leather (Sarcophyton)

Fiji Pagoda

Fiji Stylophora

Fiji Pipe Organ
Pipe Organ

Fiji Finger Leather
Green Finger Leather

Hard Corals -

Bird's Nest - Pink - Seriatopora
Brain Coral - Green Maze - Platygyra
Brain Coral - Ultra Green Maze
Brain Coral - Green - Open - Trachyphyllia
Brain Coral - Red - Open
Brain Coral - Ultra - Red-Green - Open
Brain Coral - Worm - Purple - Goniastrea
Brain Coral - Worm - Green
Candy Coral - Colored - Caulastrea
Favia - Green
Favia - Red
Favia - Ultra
Favites - Moonstone - Green
Favites - Ultra
Hydophora - Fluorescent
Lettuce - Green - Merulina
Lobophyllia - Green
Lobophyllia - Red-Pink
Pipe Organ - White - Tubipora
Pipe Organ - Green - Tubipora
Plate Coral - Purple - Fungia
Pocillopora - Green - Damicornis
Pocillopora - Pink - Damicornis
Pocillopora - Cat's Paw - Pink
Spiny Cup - Green - Pectinia
Stylophora - Green
Stylophora - Pink
Pagoda - Turbinaria
Turbinaria - Ruffle Ridge

Soft Corals -

Carnation - Orange, Red, Purple
Clavularia - Neon Green
Devil's Hand Leather
Finger Leather - Green
Leather - Toadstool
Leather - Toadstool - Yellow
Leather - Toadstool - Neon Green Polyps
Leather - Speckled
Lobophytum - Green
Lobophytum - Ultra Green
Mushroom - Lavendar - Hairy Rhodact.
Sea Fan - Red
Xenia - Pumping
Zoanthus - Nano rock with colony
Zoanthus - Multicolor - Yellow-eyed Green

(No guaranty on Pocillopora and Xenia)

Fiji Acropora

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