Tanked Fish & Corals
Tanked Fish & Corals
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Australia Tanked Frags & Corals

Australia Tanked Corals
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Our friends and associates with a wholesale facility at LAX, who primarily tranship a wide variety of livestock, also have a few thousand square feet of tanks set up for their regular customers. These are fish and corals that get "packed out" to stores to go with their tranship orders. (This is not what is considered a "full-line wholesaler" with people and store buyers walking through picking stuff all day.) The fish are all tanked a minimum of one day, most more, and are the same fresh, wild, raw stock coming in to the wholesalers and stores across the country, from the big exporters at the various sources of origin.

Although this option may not be for most of you, some may find something they have been looking for here, and have some friends that do too; so just in case, we have made arrangements to make this available to you. If a few buddies get together, you might be able to get some things you want. It is not everything under the sun, but a certain set of "regular items" that they keep on-hand most of the time. There are some fancy tanked stock corals too, but they aren't cheap.

These are very good fish, of high quality, and we guaranty them to arrive alive. We recommend quarantine for everything, all the time, for obvious reasons, as some fish will have some things some of the time. Most of the fish will be stellar and immaculate most of the time. These guys won't put an obviously bad fish in a bag to get rid of it, as is often the case with some of the pirates in L.A.

Depending on the sizes of the things you order, most boxes have a dozen (M) to 20 or more (S) fish and or corals. Unless you are getting the super XL jumbo mated pair of Great White Sharks.    Large fish might only be 4-6 to a box.

Again most of this is in stock most of the time. Rarer, scarcer stuff sometimes goes fast. Preferred shipping days are Sunday and Monday, and is airport to airport only with a two-box minimum, continental U.S. only, as everything else we offer. Orders for one box are sent via FedEx, please inquire regarding cost of shipping.

These availability lists change often, although most of these fish are usually available. It is not a one fish, two fish deal, but a one or two box deal minimum.

A note from birdfish ...

We believe all fish should be quarantined regardless of source, save something certified as such at your local fish store. Fish come from the ocean and I don't know if you've heard but there is all kind stuff out there in the way of possible disease or parasites on any fish, shrimp, crab or clam, or even that rock the coral is attached to that you buy.

Dipping and quarantine are worth their weight in gold. Even with skyrocketing prices on everything, an ounce of prevention still buys a pound of cure. We do not suggest buying these fish and putting them straight into your multi-thousand dollar show tank that you can't treat, or get anything back out of. Quarantine first!

If you send us an e-mail, you can may receive a current list of all of our products on an Excel file.

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A customer's comment regarding our tanked fish ...

"I'm beyond happy with the shipment and condition. WAY beyond pleased! Even the Idols this AM were picking at rock looking for tasty, the dogfish is eating frozen... no one was skinny or stressed (or dead). Glad I finally bit the bullet and got a shipment.   :)
Julie S., Phoenix, AZ
May '16
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Tanked Fish & Corals