Greenhouse List

Greenhouse items may be added with any order, or may be ordered separately.

No minimums! But you need to order a box worth of stuff (unless getting just an item or two added to another inbound box). Remember two fish boxes domestic freight is about same as one.

Add only price of item shown and box with heat or ice charge of $15 each. Can be shipped Sunday through Wednesday most weeks to your nearest major airport (domestic shipping is not included.) FedEx may also be available. This page is merely a representation of possibilities, as the availabilities change all the time.

To place an order from the Greenhouse, please send us an e-mail to request a current availability list!

Greenhouse List
(.pdf page - last update Oct. 14, 2020)

Greenhouse List
(non-.pdf version)

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Fancy Mushrooms

Tahiti Maxima Photos

Most recent .pdf page update: August 18th


125 lot -
Mexican Turbo Snail
Margarita Snails
Blue Leg Hermit
Emerald Crabs
Red Leg Hermits
Nassarius Snails
Cerith Snails
Florida Astrea Snails

Arrow Crabs
Peppermint Shrimp


Flame Hawk
Royal Gramma
Bluehead Wrasse - Atlantic
Lightning Wrasse
Dragon Pipefish

Sea of Cortez -
Blue-dot Jawfish
Jewelled Moray Eel
Red-headed Goby
Barnacle Blenny
Senorita Wrasse
Paddlefin Wrasse

Kenya -
Yellow-bellied Blue Tang
African Flameback Angel
Blue-stripe Pipefish
Midas Blenny
Sunburst Goby

Hawai'i -
Multicolor Angel
Lemonpeel Angel
Helfrichi Firefish
Potter's Angel
Yellow Tang
Christmas Wrasse
Kole Tang
White-bar Mystery Wrasse
Yellow Tang small
Orange-shoulder Tang


Chaetomorpha 10" bag full
Condylactis (Carib.) Anemone
Grade-A Florida Ricordea per polyp
Gold and Green Nudibranch - Cortez
St. Thomas Mushrooms (blue-green)
Rainbow Ricordea (Caribbean)
Yellow Gorgonian (Caribbean)
Red Gorgonian (Caribbean)
Rose Bubble Anemone - original true Tonga Red Rose


Viet Nam -
Large A+ grade Zoanthid rocks
Large A+ grade Mushroom rocks
Neon green Flower Leather (Cabbage)
Dark ricordia with bright orange tips - single polyp, large

Western Australia Blastomussa Green
Ultra Chalice
Walking Dendro
Green Acanthophyllia

Tonga corals
Acan echinata
Acan bowerbanki
Pink Goniopora
Green Polyp Toadstool
Scoly vitiensis - Orange
Scoly vitiensis - Green
Scoly australis
Sun Coral
Caulastrea - green eyes
Green Hammer
Green-tips Torch
White-tips Torch
Mini Torch - Green-tips
Frogspawn - pearl color
Yellow Turbinaria Scroll
Chalice colored eyes

Viet Nam Coral

These are the Viet Nam green Flower or Cabbage Leathers

Photo courtesy of Francisco M. of Miami, FL


(Not always available)

Gold Teardrop Maxima
Lg Tahiti Wild Maxima - assorted
Crocea - 2.5-3.5"
Squamosa 3" +
Sm Tahiti blue-gold Maxima cultured (2-3")
Derasa 3"

Tahitian Clams -

Tahitian Clam     Tahitian Clam     Tahitian Clam     Tahitian Clam

Cocos Islands Clams -

Coco Clams Coco Clams

Coco Clams
(sorry about the surface motion blur)

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