Ordering Live Rock
Fiji Cultured Live Rock

1 Box - $7.25 - 48 lbs. - $348.00

2 Boxes - $7.25 - 96 lbs. - $696.00

3 Boxes - $7.00 - 144 lbs. - $1008.00

4 Boxes - $7.00 - 192 lbs. - $1344.00

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Add-on for 5+ Boxes - $7.00 - 48 lbs. - $336.00

Please see ordering details
Ordering Details -

When you order we need to be able to contact you, either by phone or e-mail, preferably both. Some folks have an e-mail address that is used for Paypal only; but after they order, they don't check back at that e-mail address. This is where our order confirmation will be sent to ... so, if we request a phone number, it's possible that our message will not be noticed. Also, some confirmations may be directed to a spam or junk folder, so please check those folders if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours of ordering. We send a confirmation within that period and if you haven't received one it might have been filtered. If we don't have your phone number, that request will be in the order confirmation and we can't ship until we have it, as the airlines will not accept freight without a consignee phone number to call when the shipment is ready to pick up. Thank you very much!
You may place your order from this page by using the payment buttons in the chart above. If you would prefer to receive an e-mail with a payment link, please send us an e-mail or give us a call. Upon placing your order online, you will be directed to a secure browser.

After we have received your order, we will send you an e-mail, confirming your order and providing you with some details in regard to when you can expect your live rock to arrive.

It is vital that we know your nearest airport as well as your phone number.

Please get this information to us by either ...
- Sending us an e-mail
- Giving us a call
- Typing it in the "Notes" section of the shopping cart page when you are finalizing your order

Please note, although you may enter your phone number if paying with your credit card, that information is not sent to us, so you will need to make sure we have your phone number by sending it to us in an e-mail, calling us, or by entering it the "Notes" section of the shopping cart page when finalizing your order.

We cannot begin to process your order without your phone number, as it is necessary for all shipping papers. Your personal information (address & phone number) are required on shipping documents ... other than that, your information, including your e-mail address, is held in strict confidence and never shared with anyone else for any reason.

Brief Instructions For Shopping Cart Use ...

Select type of live rock you are ordering and click on the corresponding shopping cart button. If there is a special or a quantity discount which you qualify for, be sure to use the appropriate button for the quantity of live rock you are ordering.

Note that some selections are a quantity discount price, but you will be entering the number of boxes desired when your browser is actually in the "shopping cart."

If you are ordering more than one type of live rock, click on the button to place it in your cart, then, once at the shopping cart page, click "continue shopping" to return to this page so you may complete your selections.

To change the quantity of something in your cart, simply make the change in the space that shows the number of boxes of live rock you are ordering ... then, click on the "update cart" button and your order will be adjusted.

If you do not have a Paypal account, or if your Paypal password isn't handy, simply click on the button to use your choice of credit card. Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express are accepted. Your shopping cart payment will be made to our company name, American Ingenuity.

Note: If you use a middle initial, enter your first name and middle inital in the same box, but don't use a period after your initial.

Or, if you use a first initial and middle name.
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Cancellation Policy

Leadtimes for the various livestock products can fluctuate and are dependent on where your live rock or corals originate from, as the incoming flights may arrive on different days. Due to this, ship days may vary. Also, we place our orders several days in advance of the incoming shipments. If your order is placed prior to our ordering day, your order may arrive in approx. five days (or sooner), but if your order is placed just after our ordering day (deadline), your order will more than likely arrive with the subsequent incoming shipment, which can be a week+ later. Also, there can be delays during certain times of the year. Planning ahead is crucial when scheduling your livestock order ... if you would like to find out what the shipping schedules are in advance of placing your order, just send us a message or give us a call.

If your live rock comes in lighter than the paid estimated weight, you will receive a refund for the difference immediately. If your live rock comes in heavier than the estimated amount, a prompt payment for the difference is expected and appreciated. The legal weight of your live rock is determined at the place of origin and on the invoice we receive ... see our article on Rock Weights. Although not the norm, airline delays or mishandling can occur; unfortunately, we have no control over this and cannot be held 100% responsible.

Sorry ... we do not ship internationally and picking up at LAX is not an option.