Red Sea Fish
Tanked & Conditioned

Here we offer some tanked Red Sea fish, shipped direct to your door via overnight services such as UPS or FedEx. They are tanked and conditioned, and shipped from the northeast U.S.   You can buy just one or two or a few fish, no need to fill a big box if you just looking for one item. But you can if you want to.     We can do larger tranship orders too, contact us if that is your desire.

When shipments first come in, lots will be available, then as it sells some things might run out. There will be regular restocking shipments as needed. Tell us what you are looking for and we will verify if it is stock now, or get an approximate on when the next shipment is arriving. We will get a freight estimate too with your stock check. It is not likely everything will always be available at any time, but it will all be available regularly, and most of it will be available most of the time.

Pricing is shown below on this page, or you may also view the .pdf here ...

Here are some photos of the fish being acclimated ...

Red Sea Angel
Asfur Angel

Red Sea Angel
Asfur Angel

Red Sea Maculosus Angel
Maculosus Angel

Red Sea Maculosus Angel
Maculosus Angel - a changing tweenager

Red Sea Regal Angel
Regal Angel
(Red Sea Regals are yellow-bellied)

Red Sea Purple Tang
Purple Tang

Red Sea Desjardini Tang
Desjardini Sailfin Tang

Red Sea Gem Tang
Gem Tang
These are from east Africa

Red Sea Broomtail
Broomtail Wrasse

Pricing -

Arabian Angelfish - Pomacanthus Asfur - S - $175.00
Arabian Angelfish - Pomacanthus Asfur - M - $200.00
Arabian Angelfish - Pomacanthus Asfur - L - $250.00
Red Sea Regal Angelfish - Pygoplites Diacanthus - M-L - $220.00
Half-Moon Angelfish - Pomacanthus Maculosus - S - $175.00
Half-Moon Angelfish - Pomacanthus Maculosus - M - $200.00
Half-Moon Angelfish - Pomacanthus Maculosus - L - $250.00

Purple Tang - Zebrasoma Xanthurum - S - $150.00
Purple Tang - Zebrasoma Xanthurum - M - $165.00
Purple Tang - Zebrasoma Xanthurum - L - $175.00
Sohal Surgeonfish - Acanthurus Sohal - S - $150.00
Sohal Surgeonfish - Acanthurus Sohal - M - $160.00
Sohal Surgeonfish - Acanthurus Sohal - L - $175.00
Red Sea Sailfin Tang - Zebrasoma Desjardinii - S - $125.00
Red Sea Sailfin Tang - Zebrasoma Desjardinii - M - $135.00
Red Sea Sailfin Tang - Zebrasoma Desjardinii - L - $145.00
Madagascar Gem Tang - Zebrasoma Gemmatum - S (2-3") - $350.00
Madagascar Gem Tang - Zebrasoma Gemmatum - M (3-4") - $375.00
Madagascar Gem Tang - Zebrasoma Gemmatum - L (4") - $400.00

Diagonal Butterflyfish - Chaetodon Faciatus - M - $120.00
White Face Butterflyfish - Chaetoden Mesolocus - M - $120.00
Bluecheek - Golden Butterflyfish - Chaetodon Semilarvatus - M - $200.00
Red Sea Bannerfish - Heniochus Intermedius - M - $120.00
Schooling Bannerfish - Heniochus Diphreutes - M - $120.00

Red Sea Two-Banded Clownfish - Amphiprion Bicinctus - S - $80.00
Red Sea Two-Banded Clownfish - Amphiprion Bicinctus - M - $100.00

Broomtail Wrasse - Cheilinus Lunalatus - M-L (5") - $250.00

Packing -

The fish are packed to the highest industry standards, with new bags, water, and pure oxygen (no air). Four bags, sealed in pairs for safety. A styrofoam box is lined with shipping paper and packing peanuts to keep bags in place, with another layer of shipping paper on top of the bags. Heat or ice pack on inside of lid. After packing, the entire styro box is placed inside a big liner bag, and then that is placed inside a cardboard outer box. A-grade top-of-the-line packing.

Shipping -

Overnight services (UPS or FedEx)

(approximate estimates)

Size & Number
of Fish in Box
Shipping to
Northeast States
Shipping to
Western States
Box & Heat
or Cold Pack
1 - Medium $35 $65 $15
2 - Medium $40 $85 $20
4-5 - Medium $50 $100 $23
12 - Small-Medium $75 $130 $34

Assume the middle of the country will be between NE, and west prices. It should be noted that these are shipper quotes, which is our cost, and your cost will be exactly whatever the shipper charges. If any adjustment needs to be made, we will settle after your order is shipped and the pricing will be adjusted, if needed.

If you are getting a half dozen or more of the medium and larger fish, it might be best to go air freight, in which case it will ship freight collect as usual. Air freight is usually going to be about $125 if closer to east coast, maybe $150 if across the country.

How to order -

Send us an e-mail with a list of what you want and where you are so we can do a stock and shipping schedule check for you. After confirming your order, you'll be sent a link button to click and follow for the amount of your order. You'll then receive notification as to when to expect your fish.

If you are just ordering a fish or few and it will be via overnight services, we need an address where someone will be at all day to receive without question, as well as your phone number. A tracking number will be sent when it ships. If airfreight cargo you will receive an email from us with airbill, tracking and pickup details when it ships.

If anything is ever DOA, take and send a photo (not vid) immediately. In the industy as far as shipping is concerned Red Sea fish, have always been considered 'bullet proof.' Like Australia or Hawaii (was), everything is hand and net caught and most excellent of quality.

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