Vietnam Soft Corals
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Best mixed soft coral boxes!

Sunday to LAX, Monday to you

Order cut-off is on Thursdays!

No additional charges
(see below for details)

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Last update: July 2020

Note ... soft corals currently unavailable
Regular -
You can order half zoas and half mushrooms, or thirds of each
Thin pieces of rock fully covered in A-1 quality
25 pieces per box - $775.00 = $31.00 per piece

Includes zoanthids, mushrooms, mixed soft corals below

Mixed Button Polyps, Red, Green Outside with Red Center, Bright Green

Green Striped, Marble, Violet Blue, Light Green & Light Blue Ricordea, Maroon & Green Striped Maroon Discosoma, Green Discosoma, Metallic Green, Mixed Discosoma (thick leaf), Metallic Green, Dark Orange Discosoma, Red, Green, and Blue Velvet, Dark Red Tonga, Assorted Tonga, Blue Tonga, Green & Purple Tonga, Green & Orange Tonga, Blue Bull's-eye, Orange Ricordea, Neon Green Ricordea, Purple Ricordea, Green Ricordea, Green & Purple Ricordea Yuma (+big bubble), Green & Neon Green Discosoma)

Mixed Soft Corals
Mixed variety of Fox Tail Hairy Tree, Sabellastarte, Sinularia Pavida, Yellow Finger Leathers, Yellow Mushroom Leathers, Blue Echinogogia, Sea Fan(Bright Purple & Red-White), Orange Tree Alcyonium, Blue Clove Polyps, Dendronephthya, & Gorgonians)

Ultra Grade -
Limited quantities!
Thin pieces of rock fully covered with Ultra grade shrooms, zoas, and soft corals
25 pieces per box - $1000.00 = $40.00 per piece

This mixed box of ultra grade corals can include either all, half, or thirds of zoanthid rocks, mushroom rocks, soft corals totalling 28 pieces

Anemones -
Specialty Box -
Carpets, Bubbles, Mini-max, Long-tentacle, Sebae, Saddle, Maroon, a few oddballs
30-50 assorted - $900

Considered an Ultra-box, most boxes have 45 anemones
*note when you order this with half of another type of item (zoas, shrooms, softies) the other half will be Ultra

Frags -
Zoanthids - $20 each
Mushrooms - $25 each

Minimum of 25 - plus, box & packing charge
(FedEx shipping available)

F.O.B. LAX - no additional charges

See details for piece counts above

Includes all charges from Vietnam to LAX
(Clearance, box charge, international freight, CITES, re-ox, etc.)

Pay LAX-to-you domestic freight to airline when you pick up

Prices may change without previous notice.

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