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The Banda Islands are in the Malukus (Moluccas) east of Java, so very similar to Indo, much like it was in the good old days. Great colors, good piece size, very nice corals. The corals are packed about twenty pieces per box, as most Indonesia corals. You select the pieces you would like in your box. Note that there are fewer pieces if you order larges, but remember that larges require more water and the prices are higher, so your piece count will often be at fifteen, with no discount for the lower piece count. Also, we only guaranty small and medium corals, so larges are ordered at your own risk. Some large corals ship fine, but some do not. What they call a medium, your store probably calls a large, as in most direct imports.

Other than rare, high ticket items (Chalice, Scolymia, Red Wellso, Acanthastrea, Blastomussa, Elegance, etc., you know the ones) you can get a box of 20 pieces for $700 like the other Indo areas. Some items (the rare stuff) are more, the special deal is for the majority of the list, and the average priced corals. Send us your list and we'll let you know if something is extra so you can decide what to do (pick something else or pay a little more).


Green Mushroom S-M Actinodiscus Sp
Common Mushrm Asst. Actinodiscus Sp
Striped Mushrm Actinodiscus Sp
Watermelon Mushrm Actinodiscus Sp
Pimples Mushrm Actinodiscus Sp
Green Pimples Mushrm Actinodiscus Sp
Metallic Mushrm S 3-5 Leaves Actinodiscus Sp
Metallic Mushrm M 6-9 Leaves Actinodiscus Sp
Orange Pimples Mushrm/Leaf Actinodiscus Sp
Blue Mushrm S Actinodiscus Sp
Blue Mushrm M Actinodiscus Sp
Blue Mushrm L Actinodiscus Sp
Red Mushrm S Actinodiscus Sp
Red Mushrm M Actinodiscus Sp
Asst Hairy Mushrm Discosoma Sp


Green Leather Umbrella S, M, L Sarcophyton Lobalatum
Yellow Leather Umbrella S, M, L Sarcophyton Lobalatum
Color Bright Lthr Umbrella (dyed)
Color Umbrella Special M Sarcophyton Lobalatum
Special Leather Umbrella Sarcophyton Lobalatum
Finger Soft Crl S, M, L Sinularia Asterolobata
Color Finger Soft Crl (dyed) Sinularia Asterolobata
Bangka Finger Leather S-M Sinularia Sp
Color Bangka Finger Leather Sinularia Sp
Bangka Finger Letaher XL Sinularia Sp
Cabbage Soft (Colt) S, M, L Cladiella Spec
Chili Soft Carotalcyon Sagamianum
Young Soft S, M, L Sinularia Polydactyla
Brown Finger Leather Nepthya Sp
Red Cauliflower Dendronepthya Spec
Orange Cauliflower Dendronepthya Spec
Green Cauliflower Dendronepthya Spec
Spines Cauliflower Dendronepthya Spec
Palm Cauliflower Dendronepthya Spec
Colt Soft (Short) S, M-L Cladiella Spec
Babut Leather Sinularia Brasisca
Cracker Soft Lobophytum Sp
Color Cracker Soft (dyed) Lobophytum Sp


Zoanthid color small eye Zoanthus Species
Zoanthid color big eye Zoanthus Species
Green Clove Polyp Star Palythoa Species
Jasmine Polyps Knopia Species
Button Polyp S/M Palythoa Species
Green Button Polyp S, M, L Palythoa Species
Bangka Button Polyp S-M, L Palythoa Species
Green Bangka Button Polyp Palythoa Species
Mix Polyp Rock Palythoa / Zoanthus
Yellow Polyp Parazoanthus Axinella
Cream Star Polyp Clavularia Species
Green Star Polyp S, M-L Clavularia Species
Green Metallic Star Polyp S-M, L Clavularia virdis
Blue Anthelia Colony S, M, L Anthelia Species
Pumping Hair Polyp S Xenia Species
Orange Sponge Acanthella Sp
Bird Nest Sponge Acanthella Sp


Green Bangka Plate Metalic M, L Heliofungia Sp
Chubby Plate S, M, L Fungia Sp
Color Chubby Plate S, M, L Fungia Sp
Green Crystal M, L Galaxea Sp
Candy Coral S, M Caulastraea Sp
Cream Pearl S, M Physogyra Sp
Bubble Coral S, M Pleurogyra Sp
Green Bubble S, M, L Pleurogyra Sp
Modern Brain M, L Cynarina Sp
Red Modern Brain S, M Cynarina Sp
Green Mtl Brain (Open) Trachyphyllia Sp
Dome Brain Red M/L Wellsophyllia Sp
Brain M, L Lobophyllia Sp
Red Brain (Closed) S, M, L Lobophyllia Sp
Green Brain (Closed) S, M, L Lobophyllia Sp
Modern Brain (Donut) S/M, L Symphylllia Sp
Brain (Closed) Favia Sp
Spotted Brain Favites Sp
Yellow Sunflower S-M (Dyed) Goniopora Sp
Green Sunflower (Single) S, M Goniopora Sp
Red Sunflower (Multi) Goniopora Sp
Sunflower (Multi) M, L Goniopora Sp
Green Sunflower (Multi) S, M, L Goniopora Sp
Mini Multi Sunflower Alveopora Sp
Golfball Sunflower Alveopora Sp
Cream Hammer M, L Euphyllia Sp
Green Hammer M, L Euphyllia Sp
Green Branch Hammer S, M, L Euphyllia Sp
Cream Branch Hammer S-M, L Euphyllia Sp
Green Octopus S, M-L Euphyllia Sp
Green Metallic Octopus S, M Euphyllia Sp
Cream Branch Octopus S, M, L Euphyllia Sp
Green Branch Octopus S, M, L Euphyllia Sp
Cream Torch S, M Euphyllia Sp
Green Torch S, M, L Euphyllia Sp
Green Jade Torch M Euphyllia Sp
Special Jade Torch M Euphyllia Sp
Turban/Pagoda S, M, L Turbinaria Sp
Yellow Turban/Pagoda S, M Turbinaria Sp
Color Print Pagoda M, L Turbinaria Sp
Color Tongue (Dyed) Herpolitha Sp
Cream/Green Tongue S, M, L Polyphyllia Sp
Organ Pipe S, M Tubipora Sp
Green Organ Pipe S, M Tubipora Sp
Green Tip Elegant S, M, L Catalaphyllia Sp
Orange/Yellow Sun S, M Dendrophyllia Sp
Modern/Goblet M, L Scolymia Sp
Red Modern/Goblet S, M, L Scolymia Sp
Green Modern/Goblet S, M, L Scolymia Sp
Montastrea M Montastrea Sp
Horn S Hydnophora Sp
Big Pipe S, M Blastomussa (merleti)
Starry Cup S-M, L Acanthastrea Sp
Poca S, M, L Montipora Sp
Poca S-M (Encrusting) Montipora Sp
Montipora Danae Montipora Sp
Superman Montipora Montipora Sp
Stylophora M Stylophora Sp
Chalice With Eyes Bright Echinopora Sp
Chalice S-M, L Echinopora Sp


Similar to Bali cultured, all are Acropora,
only species name given, some with color designation:

Austera Green
Austera Purple
Delsawii Blue-Purple
Tenuis Green
Tenuis Blue-tip
Tenuis Green Blue
Tenuis Super Blue
Assorted Green
Assorted Blue
Assorted DeepWater

Size codes on list:
S, M, L, means small, medium, and large sizes available
S-M = a small-medium
M-L = a medium-large
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