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This page of lists features lists that show which corals come from which sources. They only change in the slightest minor ways, most have been the same for a decade, if not two, with only minor changes. Usually there is one group of corals found in any area, or one group they culture, so generally the lists stay the same, and most of these are available most of the time, save the rare restricted types. If you are interested in ordering a custom box, make a list of what you want and e-mail it to us (with your nearest major airport) and we'll give you a quote on it. Some of these sources have specials on our Box-lot Specials page, but from those boxes, you usually cannot pick and choose.

Click on a link to see the list of corals from that site. It will open a new window. When done perusing the list, close that new window that opened for the list and you'll be back at this main list page, select another list.

Please note that due to the pandemic, we are experiencing many schedule changes which vary from week to week as charter flights are being reserved for shipments. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

The lists shown below are examples of recent availabilities. You'll find links to the more current .pdf lists on these pages, which can also be found on our "Marine Livestock .pdf Lists" page. Please contact us if you wish to place an order so we can send you the most recent list.

(non-.pdf/mobile versions - note, these may not be as current as the .pdf versions)

Tanked corals

Please inquire for current availabilities

Please inquire for current availabilities

Coral Frag


There are assorted frags from various sources available. Mixed sources include Tonga, Australia, and others, with A-grade Acropora & Euphyllia. Also, Fancy Zoanthid frags have been available from Taiwan. All are $25-30, plus a box & packing fee. Air freight shipping charges are paid to your airline or FedEx is also available. Please inquire if interested!

Taiwan Zoanthids
Taiwan Zoanthids

To receive the most recent availability lists, please send us an e-mail.

Note: Your domestic shipping (LAX to you) will be paid by you to the airline when you pick up your order.
FedEx shipping may also be available.

Note: Corals from sources below are currently unavailable


Tanked Corals & Frags - Box-lots




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