Marine Livestock Lists

Shown below are some of the current availability lists from the various places of origin. The lists are shown in .pdf* format. Click any of the .pdf links below to see a stock list with sizing, pricing, and order codes.

*(Adobe "Portable Document Format")

These lists are updated regularly, but they may not be the most current, so if you are interested in ordering, please send us an e-mail to request the most recent list. The lists below, however, are a good example of what has been coming in from the various sites. Our most current lists, which are e-mailed, are available for reading in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. Please send us an e-mail if you would like to be included on our mailing list.

If you do not see a "most recent update" notation below the source link, it is probably because that particular source is currently closed, which is probably a temporary situation, so the last available list is linked for reference.

Some of the lists are available as "non-.pdf"/mobile versions for scroll viewing, although they are not updated as frequently ...

(non-.pdf/mobile versions)

If you are not already familiar with these lists, please see the following page ...

Coral Lists:

Most recent update: November 9th

Photos can be seen on the following page ...

Kupang Nov. 17th

Most recent update: November 18th

Most recent update: August 11th

Also, see Vietnam soft corals, polyps & mushrooms on the following page ...

Currently unavailable or awaiting new updates ...

Most recent update: August 18th

Cultured Corals
(has not recently been updated)

Most recent update: April 28th

(has not recently been updated)

Fish & Invertebrate Lists:

Most recent update: Nov. 20th

Most recent update: Aug. 2021

Most recent update: Nov. 16th

Most recent update: Nov. 16th

Most recent update: Nov. 19th
(includes Red Sea)

Currently unavailable or awaiting new updates ...

Bali Lombok
Most recent update: January 23rd

Bali Nusa
Most recent update: January 23rd

Bali Tanjung
Most recent update: January 23rd

Irian Jaya
Most recent update: January 22nd

(has not recently been updated)

Sri Lanka-2
(has not recently been updated)

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