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“When you get them home, you should have a few items ready and waiting so you can go to work immediately. A bucket for the bags, a bucket for the water, and a bucket for dipping are essential ... ”

“The main thing is to GO SLOWLY when acclimating, and dip the fish to sanitize it before you put it in your system if you are not using the quarantine tank method ... ”

“Marine animals, especially invertebrates, from corals to snails and crabs consume many trace elements and minerals in your reef tank just like fish do food ... ”

“Here we discuss live rock and reef tank aquascapes. Arranging your live rock or rock aquascape can be easier than you think. Your live rock or rock aquascape is literally the very foundation of your reef tank ... ”

“With wild fish from the ocean they can be from anywhere, any micro-habitat, while some are purely opportunists, others are often like us, very habitual in eating habits. Some species are notorius in fact for being hard to get eating well ... ”

“Yes, we can tell you where to get all the free invert food you could ever use. Not only will the stuff be free, but we'll tell you how to harvest all you need, with essentially no additional equipment purchase required! ... ”

“I've been in it. I've made it ... a couple times way hotter than it should have been due to broken heaters. And it has saved my life, or a lot of pain anyway. This is a brief note about how hot water can save your day. ... ”

“First just to refresh, used as a prefix, hyper- means more, and hypo- means less. Hyper-saline is super salty, hypo-saline is reduced salinity, for the sake of this article, are in relation to normal seawater. While there are some websites out there promoting hyper-saline baths as a required element upon receiving live rock (supposedly to rid it of unwanted hitchhikers), we do not recommend it ... ”

“Well it's not really free, but close to it, and you have to build it. But it is so easy, cheap, and effective, you can't do better without spending a fair little bit of money. And, your per gallon cost of good clean freshwater is a fraction of other methods ... ”

“For those of you who have never seen a box of transhipped corals upon arrival, we'd like to show you some examples of what you may expect ... ”

“We realize it took everything extra you had to get your setup going, but one thing many people overlook in building a reef tank is quarantine. In reality, best management practices are to quarantine everything, all the time. Fish, coral, or inverts ... in an ideal world they would all be quarantined before putting them into your setup ... ”

“The idea of tranship, or trans-ship, and trans-shipping, is to get the corals from the exporter to a client across the country as fast as can be done ... ”

“Terms we often hear that are other ways to view the "same thing" are specific gravity and density. In a nutshell, it is the amount of dissolved solids in the water, and now most commonly referred to as a parts per thousand (ppt) measurement which measures just the salt amongst those solids ... ”

“The temperature at which you decide to run your tank is a decision you will face. There are many options, and perhaps most important, like salinity, no one answer is the only correct one ... ”

Essays -

“CITES  (pronounced SIGH-tees or CY-teas) is an acronym for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species ... ”

“There are some things we just shouldn't keep in captivity. The reasons are many, ranging from our inability to keep it alive, or to provide a reasonable environment for it, to it being rare or endangered. ... ”

“As a rule, fish stamps are not valuable collector's items. Most are very inexpensive, and there is no shortage of interesting species depicted from interesting places. ... ”

“Sometimes shopping around for "deals" does not do you as much good as shopping for good quality ... ”

“The thing with I.O. fish is that the Indian Ocean versions of many widespread fish are brighter in color than the Pacific Ocean fish of the same species ... ”

“The term tropical designates a climate, and-or, a biological life-zone ... ”

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