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Tahitian Clam     Tahitian Clam
Tahitian Clams - Greenhouse List

August 8, 2017

Here's are a recent customer comment regarding Fiji Pukani live rock ...

"It is great! Just as promised, very light! The one huge show piece ... that went dead center. Big enough that it took 2 of us to lift it, but once in the tank, so buoyant that I could move and position it with one hand. I built the two side 'islands' from some medium to large pieces. There was a lot of rock." - Jeff H.

Fiji Pukani Live Rock

Fiji Pukani XL Live Rock

June 29, 2017

We apologize to our customers with e-mail accounts at live, hotmail, and msn. We cannot currently (for the last week) send you an e-mail without it being returned to us undelivered. We can receive from you, but are unable to send to you. So please call, or send us a message from another e-mail account, if possible, until this issue is resolved. The MS e-mail system apparently has our ISP's server blocked for some unexplained reason (it wasn't us) ... no problems with yahoo or gmail, it's only a MS e-mail system based issue.

June 27, 2017

Hi fish friends!

We hope summer fun is finding you! Remember if you are near water to look for fish.       Guess I didn't need to say that to y'all.

There is a new page of photos that our wonderful customers have sent us in the last few months. There are some amazing looking reefs, and some outstanding corals. Check it out! A bit heavy on the Acropora, that's how those goes.  

2017 Customer Photos

Lots of corals are coming in great, Fiji and Kupang are the two most consistent, regular, dependable nowadays. Viet Nam is fantastic for soft corals, if you like shrooms and zoas. Between those three you can get most of what you need. See our Corals List Central page or the .pdf pages to see where has what.

Coral List Central

Marine Livestock .pdf Lists

The super rare high dollar stuff is more irregular and you just have to be ready waiting to throw money at them when they announce. They are all very limited and are nearly sold out when they announce. This is how it is with Taiwan Zoas, Australia, Premium or X Acros, etc., all the specialty sources.

Lots of great fish are available from Philippines (some Gem Tangs recently!) and Bali, and the I.O. fish from Kenya and Sri Lanka are outstanding. Keep an eye on the .pdf pages as those are updated monthly; although if you have a list from a few years ago you'll see 95%+ of it is identical. The LAX Greenhouse List usually has a little bit of Sri Lanka, Kenya, and often some Vanuatu fish on it, with tanked pricing in LA.

Greenhouse List

If you want a weekly Excel file updated set of lists, just send an e-mail, we'll put you on the list. If you ever have trouble calling, try the 855 toll free #, some callers have trouble getting through at the 866 #.

Contact Us

Happy fishin'!

April 6, 2017

Hi friends,

There is a hiccup with Indonesia coral availabilities, as last years' quotas, used or not, expired on March 31st. Currently, there aren't any CITES permits for coral export from Bali, Kupang, Indonesia (Jakarta), and all the assorted smaller places in that area. There is no word so far on when the new quotas and permits will be issued and we can only wait to hear something and it's all off-line for now.

Until something breaks, some are trying to get permits for the fancy cultured Acropora. We had expected a list of choices from one of the sources this week, but nothing yet, so we're not sure if that will happen. Don't get me started on how we can't get permits for aquacultured products under the current system, which is utterly ridiculous!

Fortunately, this affects the Indo quadrant only. This means that Viet Nam, Australia, Fiji, and Tonga are all fine. Speaking of Tonga, we will have a new Tonga list out again shortly, which should help fill the void. They have a limited list, but their corals are great. There are some Vanuatu fish coming into the greenhouse again now, as well as some Kenya, so you might want to see what is in the greenhouse!

Here is a note we received today (Apr. 6) about the Fiji Pukani live rock that went through yesterday.
"Everything went without a hitch. Finished up rinsing and placing rock in the tank and all I can say is 'WOW' and thank you. That is the 'GOOD STUFF' for sure. I could hear the life soaking back into the rock not to mention what I saw. Keep up the good work. ;)  Thank you David M. in Mass.!"

If you want regular weekly updates ask to get on the mailing list. Meanwhile we hope that spring is finding you!

Current Greenhouse .pdf list ...
Greenhouse List

March 8, 2017

Update on Australia corals ... there is a shipment scheduled for arrival on March 28th.
To see a recent (.pdf) list, please see Australia Corals List

Updated Note: There has been a delay with Australia corals, partly due to Cyclone Debbie.

January 17, 2017

We hope you are having a happy New Year! It is off to the races, we are already over half way through the new month! Did you see that Ruby Sea Dragon at our Facebook page link or on our Links page? What an awesome animal! Semi-prehensile tail, sorta like horsies!?! In our view of sea dragons, it is a game changer.
Links Page

There are lots of different things coming in, but many of the shall we say non-standard basic places are a bit less regular than the clockwork of Philippines or Bali fish. So you have to be patient sometimes. There will be some fancy Bali Acros shortly. Australia is shipping (Wed. 18th) again, there is a wee bit of Red Sea via Sri Lanka, there will probably be some clams and Tonga again shortly.

Keep your eyes on the weekly excel file update (send an e-mail if you wish to receive it automatically) for the latest weekly shipping news.

At the risk of being redundant ... here is a note we just received about a box of Fiji liverock shipped last week: I am not kidding when I say it is the real deal old-school Fiji live rock.  

Re: Fiji Live Rock - Date: Jan. 16, 2017
"So far so good. Going through the curing process and it looks as though I may have some surviving coral. The colors are phenomenal and it's the best quality live rock I have purchased. Most of the hitchhikers were dead in the bottom of the box which was great! We had 4 or 5 brittle stars, one small mantis shrimp, 2 crabs, and a bristle worm. I spent a few hours investigating with flashlight for anything I may have missed and couldn't find anymore. For this amount of fresh live rock, I couldn't have asked for more. I will buy from you again and have already recommended I can't wait to see what becomes of these rocks." - Gianna D. - Augusta, GA


December 21, 2016

Season's Greetings!
We wish you all happy holidays! Our very best to you and yours! We thank you very much for your support, and are honored to serve you. Be safe, stay warm, have fun, get plenty of turkey, ham, and nog!

There may be some hiccups with shipping the next two weekends with the holidays falling on Sundays. Some may ship for during the week arrivals, like for Tuesday or Thursday.

One we just found out about is the fancy Bali X-Acros. They will be shipping for Thursday the 29th to LAX, Friday the 30th to you. We will be sending a list out with the contents of the two box options you get to choose between today. Ask if you want to see contents lists and you aren't on our mailing list.

Fiji just had a major rain event with flooding ( in case you don't have the "Fiji Times" bookmarked like birdfish    ), so they couldn't ship this past Monday as they usually do. We are waiting to hear when they will be able to ship.

In case we don't talk before then, have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Festivus, and have a healthy and Happy New Year!

Thank you all very much for everything!

Our very best regards,

November 29, 2016

Hope you all got enough Turkeyfish!

Wanted to mention a couple of things about Acroporas ...

Bali-C cultured are up and running again, with species picks, and often even color selections. They are ON for this Sunday to LAX, but orders have to be in by Wednesday, Nov. 30th. Please ask if you want a list. You can order assorted, but picks are available and most of the places quit doing that.

Then there are two of the super fancy high-end cultured Acro sources in Bali worth doing. Both ship irregularly and with little notice, so you have to be ready to jump when they announce. We often only get a couple of days notice and there are only a few boxes available. They make assortments up for each shipment and send a list of what will be in the A or B box. You get to choose which, yes or no   ... (no cherry picking).

Here is one of the recent offerings from the "X" place at the link below so you can see what types they deal with. It is top of the line A-to-Ultra Grade and better, world class stuff. Send an email to get on the updates list so you will be notified when it is "ON".

(Adobe .pdf page)

~ birdfish

Hi all,

Hope fall is finding you and your tanks well! Mainly we want to offer a friendly reminder that the weekend of Thanskgiving (Sunday the 27th) can be rough for shipping out of LAX. So many travelers are going home that Sunday night that shipments can get bumped off the "red-eye" flights. Mostly it's flights to the big major cities that are affected. Often, if you are at a destination with a morning flight on Southwest, there is not an issue, although some major destinations (larger cities) can be. The first three weekends in November, however, are not a problem. Think ahead and plan early for the holidays!

There are great corals coming in from Viet Nam, Fiji, and Jakarta, weekly. With some of the high-end things like Australia or Premium Acros or Zoas, you have to be ready and waiting as we often only get a couple days notice. If you want to be notified when they are "ON", just send a note asking. Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Fiji all have World Class A-1 fish coming in too.

To help y'all understand how the custom tranship boxes work we created a new page with several samples from different sources, which you can see here ... Sample Tranship Corals

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Turkeyfish!  
~ birdfish

September 13, 2016

Hi all,

We hope you had a great summer! The heat is fading, finally. Below is a note from a customer about the Premium Acropora that come in from time to time. These and the 'X' Acros are both great. If I said all this you would think I was seriously over-selling...LOL. They ship every month or so when they feel like it or run out of coconuts and clams. You have to be ready to jump though, we get about a day's notice to get orders in and it is sold out.

There are some more expensive Australian Acropora available from time to time as well if the X or Premium Acros aren't high enough priced for you. They are coming next Tuesday the 20th of Sept., about 10-11 to a box for $140 each piece. Some are whole colonies, some are the big broken branches. Ask for a link to see the pics of them.

You can also call or e-mail us to ask to get an Excel file with a bunch of current updated lists from many different sources.

Contact Us
Remember if you have trouble with the 866 toll-free (mostly Sprint users), use our other toll-free 855 (cell) number.


A couple of notes we recently received from Mark H. of Colorado ...

"You guys do amazing things. That box was beautiful ... even the packaging was pretty ... every knot perfect ... and the pieces ... well, these guys named themselves appropriately. They're in the tank for an hour and we're already getting some polyps sneaking their little heads out. Now I wish I had gotten A AND B ... silly me for being responsible ... or something ... you tell these guys they're awesome for me next time you speak with them. You have a good evening too sir ... ya'll made my day!"

(A second note ...)
"The lights went out, so it's too dark to tell who's who at this point ... but they didn't send me box A according to the packing sticker. They appear to have sent everything I wanted from both lists, and left out the ones from list A that were less exciting to me. Almost like they could read my mind ... I mean sure ... there's no purple Caroliniana, but there's a mystery valida and abrolhosensis ... and I always fancied a valida ... on neither list, but on the sticker ... maybe it's in the tank. I can't wait to play detective in the morning.

20 of the 22 pieces were also bigger than expected ... 4 or 5 of them were at least double what I expected. The one Monti was as expected ... the other (undata) is way cooler than I thought (my brother thought it was an acro cuz of how its growing) the other "little" guy might be the valida, cuz it's awesome looking, even if dwarfed by his friends ... the only piece that broke a bit was still bigger than expected even after fragging itself twice en route.

Very satisfied customer here ... I had to tell you twice, and usually I just keep my mouth shut and smile when I'm happy. I'll be sure to tell anyone who asks where they came from. Keep doing what yer doing, it's good.

I forgot the best part of the story was my brother at the unboxing ... as we're opening it up he says to me, 'so how much did you pay for this one box?' And gets a little bit of the eyebrow raise going on like I was crazy ... then he sees the bagging job and compliments it ... something about he's been tying bags for 15 years and these guys know what they're doing ... then as he cuts open the first bag for me it immediately turned to 'holy %^#! bro' ... I think he musta said it 20 of 22 times ... the only other was 'what's this?' (Monti) and 'this one's broken, but still huge' ... by the end of it he was very impressed and he's not an easy one to win over. Big time kudos"

Premium Acropora

August 15, 2016

Some more nice photos have been shared with us by a recent customer ...

Fiji Nano Corals

July 15, 2016

We're happy to share a handful of photos shared by a couple of our recent customers!

These may be seen on the following pages ....

Kupang Corals

Viet Nam Ultra

July 7, 2016

There is a new list available with Red Sea fish ...
see .pdf page shown on our Red Sea page!
Red Sea

June 28, 2016

Hi friends with wet hands,

First we want to wish you all a Happy Independence Day! We hope you have a great Fourth of July! What a great holiday ... picnics, barbeque, maybe something near some water (keep an eye out for fish!)... stay safe, hydrated, and have fun!

Second we apologize for being too busy to keep this page as current as we wished we could. Ask for an Excel file with the most recently updated set of lists anytime. Most of our .pdf pages of those same lists are regularly updated; most of the lists usually stay the same. Just check to see if what you want is ON, or for the most recent update.

Due to the holiday, a few things are coming in on Monday this coming week instead of the usual Sunday. Such as Viet Nam and Bali Blue. Also, if not too many of you do it, we can have a box tanked overnight in the greenhouse if you want something that is coming in on Sunday if you won't be around Monday to receive it. We'll ship it out on Monday for Tuesday arrival to you.

So far here is what we know for this coming week ...

Sunday to LAX, Monday July 4th to you:
Kupang Corals
Lombok Fish
Bali Tanjung Fish
Bali Nusa Fish
RVS Philippines Fish
Cebu Fish (Philippines)

Monday to LAX, Tuesday July 5th to you:
Vietnam Box-lots
Bali Blue Fish
Kenya Fish
Fiji Fish & Corals


Good fishing!

Marine Livestock .pdf Lists

Contact Us
Remember if the 866 toll-free doesn't connect (hardwired land line), try the other toll-free 855 (cell) number.

May 23, 2016

Check out these premium acropora!
Premium Acropora

Most current article ...
On Arrival
Discusses some examples of what you may expect when corals arrive.

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