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See the following links for recent availability lists and pricing for Fiji fish and corals ... if placing an order, please request most current lists before creating your list.

.pdf page - updated June '24

A sample list of Fiji fish is shown below on this page.
See page linked above for a recent list with pricing.

Fiji fish are all hand or net caught, and of very high quality. Unfortunately their list is all CAPS so we changed it to all lower case to make it easier to read, we apologize for any difficulties. Of course a proper binomial (scientific name) has the genus only capitalized.

These are very hardy fish, as Fiji is a short flight compared to most sources so they arrive in great condition with little to no stress, what we call 'eating out of the bag'.

This list is common name followed by scientific name (binomial) for accuracy. We have combined a few different lists from over the course of several months in order to be able to give a good idea of the selection of fish available (i.e., not all of these fish are available all the time). Please excuse any typographical errors, it's sometimes difficult to catch them, as the lists arrive to us from points of origin. Also, our apologies for the all lower case, the list is originally all upper case and probably easier to read this way. Of course, correct binomials always have first letter of genus capitalized, and species name always all lower case to be scientifically accurate.

Fish -

bicolor - centropyge bi color
coral beauty - centropyge bispinosus
flagfin - apolemichthys trimaculatus
swallowtail - genicanthus melanospilos
koran - pomacanthus semicirculatus
lemon peel - centropyge flavissimus
lemon peel - eye spot - centropyge flavissimus
multibar - paracentropyge multifasciata
regal - pygoplites diacanthus

squamipinnis - pseudanthias squamipinnis
flavicauda - pseudanthias flavicauda
purple queen - pseudanthias pascalas
squarebox - pseudanthias pleurotaenia
sunburst - serrancirrhitus latus

fuscus - ecsenius bicolor
canary - meiacanthus oualanensis
lawnmower - salarias fasciatus
red spot algae - istiblennius chrysospilos

auriga - chaetodon auriga
baronessa - chaetondon baronessa
bennetti - chaetodon bennetti
black back - chaetodon melannotus
blue spot - chaetodon plebius
brown heniochus - heniochus varius
double-saddle - chaetodon ulietensis
kleini - chaetodon kleini
lined - chaetodon lineolatus
long nose - forcipiger flavissimus
merten's - chaetodon mertensii
pelewensis - chaetodon pelewensis
raccoon - chaetedon lunula
rafflesi - chaetedon rafflesi
saddleback - chaetedon ephippium
teardrop - chaetedon unimaculatus
vagabond - chaetedon vagabundus

blue eyed - apogon leptacanthus
orange-line - apogon cyanosoma
pajama - sphaermia nematoptera

blue stripe - amphiprion chrysopterus
pink skunk - amphiprion perideraion
tomato - amphiprion frenatus

green chromis - chromis viridis
fiji devil - chryspteria taupou
fiji electric blue - pomacentrus coelestis
giant gold - amblyglyphidodon aureus
lemon - pomacentrus moluccensis
scissortail sergeant - abudefduf sexfasciatus
talbot's - chysiptera talboti

orange spotted - oxymonacanthus longirostris

bi-color - parupeneus barberinnoides
yellow - parupeneus cyclostomus

bar - valenciennea randalli
citron - gobiodon citrinus
coral clown - gobiodon histrio
dragon - amblygobius phalaena
ghost sleeper - valenciennea sexguttata
golden head sleeper - valenciennea strigata
orange diamond sleeper - valenciennea puellaris
red bar sleeper - valenciennea longipinnis

arc eye - paracirrhites arcatus
freckled - paracirrhites forsteri

dalmation - arothron hispidus
dogface - arothron nigropunctatus
honeycomb - arothron mappa
fiji orange tail - canthigaster janthinoptera
guinea fowl - arothron meleagris
saddleback - canthigaster valentini

fiji foxface - siganus uspi
doliatus - siganus doliatus
orange spot - siganus punctatus
scribbled - siganus uspi

sabre - sargocentron spineferum

oriental - plectorhinchus vittatus
spotted - plectorhinchus chaetodonoides

blue - paracanthurus hepatus
blue spine unicorn - naso unicornis
brevirostris - naso brevirostris
clown - acanthurus lineatus
eyeliner - acanthurus nigricaudus
naso - naso litratus
mimic - acanthurus pyroferus
mimic lemonpeel - acanthurus pyroferus
moorish idol - zanclus cornutus
orange shoulder - acanthurus olivaceus
powder gray-gold rim - acanthurus nigricans
sailfin - zebrasoma veliferum
scopas - zebrasoma scopas
white margined, unicorn - naso annulatus

clown - baiistoides conspicillum
humu humu - rhinecanthus aculeatus
titan - balistoides viridescens

bicolor cleaner - labroides bicolor
blue spotted tamarine - anampses caeruleopunctatus
checkerboard - halichoeres hortulanus
china - anampses neoguinaicus
spotted yellow tail - anampses meleagris
cleaner - labroides dimidiatus
comet - labropsis xanthonata
coris, red - coris gaimund
coris, twinspot - coris aygula
dragon - novaculicthys taeniourus
eight line - pseudocheilinus octotaenia
fairy, exquisite - cirrhilabrus exquisitus
fairy, scott's - cirrhilabrus scottorum
green bird - comphosus varius
half and half - hemigymnus melapterus
hardwicke - thalosomma hardwicke
jansen's - thalosomma jansenii
leopard, black - macropharyngodon negrosens
leopard, green - macropharyngodon meleagris
lunar - thalosomma lunare
melanurus - halichoeres melanurus
neon orange - stethojulis bandanaensis
pink xmas - halichoeres biocellatus
green xmas - haliochoeres claudia
purple faced - thallasomma quinquevittatum
red breasted - cheilinus fasciatus
six-line - pseudocheilinus hexataenia
slingjaw - epibulus insidiator
spotted yellow tail - anampses meleagris
sunset - thalosomma lutescens
trilineata - stethojulis trilineata
twister - anampses twistii

dartfish - scissortail - ptereleotris evides
flounder - peacock - bothus mancus
filefish - orange spot - paraluteres prionurus
goatfish - bicolor - parupeneus barberinnoides
goatfish - yellow - parupeneus cyclostomus
pilotfish - golden - gnathanodon speciosus
spinecheek - golden - scolopsis bilineatus

Invertebrates -
anemone - bubble - entacmaea quadricolor
anemone - bubble, colored - entacmaea quadricolor
anemone - bubble, pink foot - entacmaea quadricolor
snail - turbo grazer - turbo sp.
star - blue linckia - linckia laevigata
star - indica fromia - fromia indica
star - sand shifting astropecten polyacanthus
urchin - spiny reef - echinometra mathaei

Average fish per box, based on fish size:

Typical box is 15 to 25 medium fish; more for smalls, and less for larges, in the 6-12 pcs. per box range usually. Fiji sizing runs large.

See the .pdf (or non-.pdf/mobile version) link at top of page for recent availability lists and pricing for Fiji tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.

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