Coral Photos and Identification
Welcome to our Coral Photo and Identification gallery. These are pictures we took of our products ... low resolution for website purposes.

Our coral photo pages are designed to serve two purposes ... to help you identify corals and to give you an idea of the types of corals you may order from us.

Polyps and Leather
Most corals can only be safely identified to species by microscopic examination of the skeleton. With some of the large polyp stonys, it is easier to be certain of a species; but, in many cases what appears to be one species is really four different types of corals; and, conversely, what looks like four different types of corals, may indeed be the same species. So here we make identification generally only to the genus level, since, in reality, that is all that can be honestly claimed. Some of the more rare types of coral, such as blastomussa and montipora can usually be obtained when a box of corals is ordered, however, the quantity per order is limited.

Please refer to our Corals Information page to learn more about how to acquire many of the species of corals shown here.

To learn how to identify some of these corals, click on the name under the photo of the coral "family group" to see a selection of photos from that group of corals.

(Please do not view this page as an open invitation to send us your coral photos for indentification.)


Tongue Coral
Assorted Hard Corals

Assorted Leathers

Assorted Soft Corals


Brain Corals

Bubble Corals

Carnation Corals




Finger Leathers

Elegance and Fox Corals

Lemnalia Soft Coral


Non-Acropora SPS

Non-Stony Hard Corals

Pagoda - Turbinaria

Plate Corals

Sarcophyton Leathers