Sri Lanka Fish & Invertebrates

See the following links for recent availability lists and pricing for Sri Lanka tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current lists before creating your order.

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Sri Lanka offers many endemic fish, hand or net-caught.

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Indian Ocean Fish

This list is common name followed by scientific name (binomial) for accuracy. We have combined a few different lists from over the course of several months in order to be able to give a good idea of the selection of fish available (i.e., not all of these fish are available all the time). Please excuse any typographical errors, it's sometimes difficult to catch them, as the lists arrive to us from points of origin. Also, our apologies for the all lower case, the list is originally all upper case and probably easier to read this way. Of course, correct binomials always have first letter of genus capitalized, and species name always all lower case to be scientifically accurate.

Sri Lanka Tranship Fish & Invertebrates -

argus wrasse - halichoeres argus
bar tail fusilier - pterocaesio tile
barred snake eel - myrichthys colubrinus
bat fish - platax orbicularis
black anemone fish - amphiprion melanopus
black back butterfly - chaetodon melanotus
black finned butterfly - chaetodon decussatus
black patch trigger - rhinecanthus verrcosus
black saddled puffer - canthigaster velentini
black spotted rubber lip - plectorhinchus gaterinus
black surgeon - acanthurus nigroris
black tip shark - carcharhinus melanopetrus
black tongue unicorn fish - naso hexacanthus
black white spotted dog - arothron meleagris
blue goby - pterleotris microlopis
blue and gold trigger - pseudoballistes fuscus
blue blotched butterfly - chaetodon plebeius
blue damsel - pomacentrus phillipinus
blue dog fish - arothron nigropunctatus
blue eye lyretail fish - anthias squamipinnis
blue fin angel - centropyge multispinnis
blue jewel grouper - cephalopholis argus
blue line grouper - cephalopholis boenacki
blue ring angel - pomacanthus annularis
blue spot mudskipper - boleophthalmus polyophthatmus
blue spot scat - taeniura lymma
blue spot wrasse - macroparyngodon cynoguttatus
blue striped snapper - litjanus kashmira
blue tail goby - pterleotris heteropterus
blue tail goby pterleotris heteropterus
boomerang trigger - sufflaman bursa
boomerang trigger - sufflaman bursa
broad striped cardinal fish - apogon angustatus
brown and white butterfly - hemitaurichthy zoster
brown bird - gamphosus varius
brown electric ray - narcine brunnues
brown sail fin tang - zebrasoma scopas
brown trigger - sufflaman sp.
butterfly scat - gymnura micrura
butterfly scorpion - dactyloptena volitans
candy goby - stongodiops xanthorhinica
carberryi - nemanthias carberryi
chevron butterfly - chaetodon trifasciatus
citron butterfly - chaetodon citrinelius
clark's anemone fish - amphiprion clarki
clown trigger - balistoides conspicillum
convict surgeon - acanthurus triostegus
coral hopper - cirrhithichthys oxycephalus
cow fish - lactoria comuta
cream angel - apolemichthys xanthurus
crown squirrel fish - sargocentron diadeema
decorated fire fish - nemateleotris decora
deep sea wrasse - anampses lieniatus
desjardinii sailfin tang - zebrasoma desjardinii
devil scorpion fish - pterois miles
diamond goby - valencienna puellaris
diamond head - anthias parvirostris
diesel - labrodies dimidatus
disper - mirolabrichthys disper
dog fish - arothron nigropunctatus
dotty back blue - pseudochromis delictus
double saddle butterfly - chaetodon falcula
dracula shrimp goby - stenogobius dracula
dragon goby - amblygobius maculata
dragon wrasse - navaculichthys taeniourus
eibli angel - centropyge eibli
eibli mimic - acanthurus pyroferus
eight striped butterfly - chaetodon octofasciatus
emperor angel - pomacanthus imperator
esquisite wrasse - cirrhilabrus exquisitus
evanci - mirolabrichthys evanci
filament devil fish - inmicus filamentosus
filament fin wrasse - paracheilinus filamentosus
file fish - cantherhines pullus
firefish - nemateleotris magnifica
fishing frog - antenaris hispidus
fosters hawk fish - paraclrrhitus fosteri
fuscus blue & gold trigger - pseudoballistes
fusi goby - fusigobius sp.
gardner butterfly - chaetodon gardneri
giant travelly - caranex ignobilis
girdled eel - echidna pozyzona
golden blenny - escinius midas
gray dog fish - arothron nigropunctatus gray
green bird - gamphosus caeruleus
green damsel - neopomacentrus nemurus
hairy sting fish - scorpaenopsis oxycephalus
half banded goby - amblygobius semicintus
half dog fish - arothron meleagris yellow
half moon trigger - sufflaman chrysopterus
half parrot - hammigymnus fasciatus
halico wrasse - halichoeres hortulanus
horse crevalle - carangoides equula
humphead banner fish - heniochus varius
indian goat fish - parupeneus indicus
indian trigger - melichthys indicus
japanese fairy basslet - anthias taira
jensen's wrasse - thallasoma jensenii
klausewitz blenny - escenius lineatus
koran angel - pomacanthus semicirculatus
lemon goby - gobiodon citrinus
leopard eel - gymonothorax undulatus
lipstick tang - naso litratus
long nose hawkfish - oxycirrhitus typus
long nosed butterfly - forcipiger longirostris
lopez unicorn fish - naso lopazi
matara wrasse - macroparyngodon kuiteri
megaport butterfly - chaetodon trifascialis
meyeris butterfly - chaetodon meyeri
moorish idol - zanclus canescns
orange spotted blenny - istiblennius chrysopilus
oriental sweetlips - plectorhinchus picus
painted sweetlips - plectorhinchus pictus
painted trigger - rhinecanthus aculeatus
pajama wrasse - pseudocheillinus hexataenia
pakistani butterfly - chaetodon collare l
pakistani butterfly - chaetodon collare m
parrot - thallasoma lunare
pearl puffer - canthigaster margaritata
pearl scale butterfly - chaetodon madagascariensis
peppered butterfly - chaetodon guttatismus
philippine pennant coral fish - heniochus singularis
picasso trigger - rhinecanthus assasi
picture wrasse - halichoeres nebulosus
pink bar goby - amblyeleotris aurora
polhena wrasse - halichoeres marginatus
polkadot wrasse - bodianus axillaris
porcupine fish - diadon hystrix
powder blue tang - acanthurus leocosternon
purple surgeon - acanthurus xanthopterus
raccoon butterfly - chaetodon lunulla
radium goby - valencienna strigata
rainbow wrasse - thallasoma amblyoepphalum
rectangle trigger - rhinecanthus rectangulus
red & white wrasse - coris formosa
red & green snapper - lutjanus fulvus
red coral lyretail fish - anthias squamipinnis
red emperor - lutjanus sebae
red jewel grouper - cephalopholis miniatus
red perch - anthias kashiwa
red scooter blenny - synchiropus stellatus
red tail blenny - escinius bicolour
red tail file fish - pervagor melanochiphalus
red tooth trigger - odonus nigger
red wrasse - cirrhilabrus rubriventrails
regal angel - pyogoplities diacanthus
regal tang - paracanthurus hepatus
rhino leather jacket - pseudalutarius nasicornis
ribbon eel - rhinomuraeha ouaesita
rock damsel - chrysiptera leucopoma
rosy scaled wrasse - cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis
sail fin tang - zebrasoma veliferum
sand milk goby - valencienna sexguttata
sand shark - chiloscyllium griseum
sanders weever - paraperci snyderi
sargassum fish - histrio hestrio
scarlet fin squirrel fish - sargocentron spiniferum
scissortail damsel - neopomacentrus filementosus
scissortail goby - ptereleotris evidus
scorpion blenny - synchyropus marmoratus
scorpion fish - pterois volitans
sebae anemone fish - amphiprion sebae
sergeant major - abudefduf saxatilis
short spine porcupine - diadon liturotus
silver banded sweetlips - plectorhinchus diagrammus
silver spot squirrel fish - sargocentron caudimaculatum
snowflake eel - echidna nebulosa
soapy grouper - grammistes sexlineatus
sole fish - - pseudorhombus jenynist
spot cheeked surgeon - acanthurus nigrofuscus
spot fin squirrel fish - neoniphon sammara
spot line lion fish - pterois antenata
spot-fin squirrel fish - neoniphon sammara
spotted box fish - ostraction meleagris meleagris
spotted goby - istigobius ornatus
spotted scorpion fish - scorpaena plumireri
spotted unicorn fish -l naso brevirostris
squirrel fish - holocentrus rubrum
striped bristletooth - acanthurus striatus
striped surgeon - acanthurus lineatus
striped wrasse - thallasoma hardwicki
sun brut orana - chaetodon kleini
tail ring surgeon - acanthurus blochii
tenneti surgeon - acanthurus tennenti
tessalata eel - gymnothorax favagineus
thornbacked box fish - tetrasomus gibbosus
thread fin butterfly - chaetodon auriga
three line wrasse - halichoeres pelicieri
three spot damsel - dascyllus trimaculatus
tiger goby - valencienna wardi
tiger snake eel - myrichthys maculosus
triangle butterfly - chaetodon triangulum
triplet tail - lobotus surinamensis
twin spot basslet - anthias bimaculatus
undulate trigger - balistapus undulatus
unicorn fish - naso unicornis
vagabond butterfly - chaetodon vagabundus
valencia goby - valencienna helsdingenii
valmingi - naso velmingi
virdiscens trigger - pseudoballistes flavimarginatus
white fin lionfish - pterois radiata
white banner - heniochus acuminiatus
white blenny - malacanthus smithi
white eyes eel - gymnothorax thyrsoides
white spotted box fish - ostraction meleag
white spotted dog - arothron mlelagris black
white spotted puffer - canthigaster jectator
yellow surgeon - acanthurus flavescens
yellow banded sweetlips - plectorhinchus liniatus
yellow black caranex - gnathanodon species
yellow black spotted box fish - ostraction cubicus
yellow eye surgeon - ctenochaetus strigosus
yellow fin angel - centropyge flavipectoralis
yellow goatfish - parupeneus cyclostomus
yellow half dogfish - arothron meleagris
yellow head butterfly - chaetodon xanthocephalus
yellow prawn goby - cryptocentrus cinctus
yellow wrasse - halichoeres trispilus
zebra eel - gymnomuraena zebra
zebra goby - amblyeleotris sungami
zebra goby - ptereleotris zebra
zebra lionfish - dendrochirus zebra

Red Sea Fish
arabian butterfly - chaetodon austriacus
asfur angel - pomacanthus asfur
diagonal (raccoon) butterfly - chaetodon fasciatus
golden butterfly - chaetodon semilarvatus
hooded (red-head) butterfly - chaetodon larvatus
maculosus angel - pomacanthus maculosus
purple tang - zebrasoma xanthurum
sohal tang - acanthurus sohal

algae eaters - trochus histrio
anemone crab - neopetrolishes sp.
anemone shrimp - gnatophyllum species
belly dancer - spanish dancer
black cucumber - paracumaria sp.
blue spot urchin - echinometra sp.
boxing shrimp - stenopus hispidus
brittle starfish (black) - ophiocomina nigra
brown carpet - stichodoctyla haddoni
bulb anemone - gyrostoma quadricolor
cleaner shrimp - hypolismata amboinensis
crimson knob - protoreaster linki
crystal shrimp - necaridina heteropoda
cushion star - culcita novaeguineae
dancing shrimp - rhynchocinites uritai
elegant squat lobster - allogalathea elegans
green carpet anemone - stichodoctyla haddoni green
green cleaner shrimp - saron neglictus - marmoratu
green starfish - nardoa galatheae
hermit crb - dardanus megistos
light color anemone - stichodoctyla haddoni
long tentacle anemone - heteractis magnifica
mantis shrimp - odontodactylus scyllarus
michael shrimp - alpheus armadius
mixed nudibranch - phyllidia arabica
orange starfish - linckia species
ordinary carpet - stichodoctyla haddoni
pink starfish - fromia elegans
purple anemone - stoichactis sp.
red clawed shrimp - alpheus species
red crab - neopetrolishes sp.
red cucumber - paracumaria sp.
red fire shrimp - lysmata debilius
red sea lillies - athodon sp.
red starfish - fromia elegans
sand anemone - radianthus simplex
superb seastar - ophiolepis superba
tiger shrimp - alpheus bellulus
urchin red - purple - white - echinometra sp.
white carpet anemone - stoichactis sp.

Average fish per box, based on fish size:

Average 8-12 medium fish per box

Most of the bigger fish are 4-8 per box

Mediums & smalls can be 15-20 or more

No guaranty on anemones

Note: Red Sea fish average 8 per box, maybe 4-6 for Angels.

Please e-mail us to get current pricing and stock on fish. Most of it is available most of the time.

See the .pdf (or non-.pdf/mobile version) link at top of page for recent availability lists and pricing for Sri Lanka tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.

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