Timor (Kupang) Corals List
See the following link for a recent availability list and pricing for Timor-Kupang corals ...

Kupang Corals List
(Adobe pdf pages)

Kupang Coral Photos
Timor Stylophora
Photo courtesy of Francisco M. of Miami, FL

These corals from Timor are not the typical corals you may usually see. High in quality and color. Please note that any coral may or may not be shipped, due to supply or permits. There are two suppliers from Timor, this is the one that is known as Kupang.

There is no guaranty on Euphyllia, unless a Small. Never any guaranty on Large or XL's ... order at your own risk. Please note that the mediums are usually what is considered large at the store. Rare pieces are rationed, so please limit any rare types to very few requests.

Everything gets new water, oxygen, and bags at Los Angeles before being taken back to the airport for your flight. Our people do it, no one else even sees your box.

Timor (Kupang) also has cultured Acros which are fantastic, especially if you are looking for something different. They come 20-25 to a box, $45 each, 3"+ full colonies. The mushrooms and zoos are awesome too.

Some common items are $30, most $40, the best color things $50 as an average estimate for most regular things. The very restricted by CITES stuff is higher.

The boxes are 16-22 pieces usually, depending on the sizes that are sent ... larger pieces require more water which results in higher freight weight and a lower piece count, making them cost more to get here.

Red in Kupang means orange, red, or pink.

Note that the list below is a general list ... to see a more current list, please view the .pdf file or contact us for the most recent Kupang list.

There is some very limited WYSIWYG availability on a semi-regular basis from Timor. The slide show video below shows examples of some of these corals. These are a bit pricey, as you probably will surmise. You may either watch the slide show from here, or go to it from the link below.

Note - If slide show appears pixelated, adjust your youtube settings wheel (resembles a gear) on the bottom toolbar on the video screen, which is at the left side of the right hand group of icons, second from the left, to HD after you have started the slide show and it will correct the resolution setting.

Link to Slide Show

Montipora - Color
Acropora - Color
Mycedium robokaki
Pocillopora - Green
Pocillopora - Red
Seriatopora - Bird Nest Coral - Green
Seriatopora - Bird Nest Coral - Red
Stylophora - Cat Paw Coral - Color
Echinopora - Chalice Coral - Color
Euphyllia ancora - Hammer Coral - Green
Euphyllia ancora - Hammer Coral - Orange-Yellow
Euphyllia divisa - Frogspawn - Green
Euphyllia glabrescens - Branch-Torch - Special Green
Euphyllia cristata - Octopus Branch Coral - Green
Euphyllia yaeyamaensis - Metalic Green
Turbinaria - Pagoda Stone - Flat - Green
Turbinaria - Pagoda Stone - Cup - Green
Turbinaria - Pagoda Stone Coral - Yellow
Caulastrea - Trumpet Coral - Small Pipe - Metallic Green
Favites - Pineapple Coral - Green
Favites - Pineapple Coral - Red
Montastrea - Boulder Star Coral - Green
Hydnophora - Horn Coral
Merulina ampliata - Cabbage Coral
Lobophyllia - Brain Coral - Green
Lobophyllia - Brain Coral - Orange-Yellow
Lobophyllia - Brain Coral - Red
Symphyllia - Meat Coral - Green
Symphyllia - Meat Coral - Red
Galaxea - Crystal Coral - Green
Goniopora - Jewel Stone - Red
Goniopora - Multi Stone - Green
Goniopora - Jewel Stone - Purple
Alveopora- Multi Stone - Green

Discosoma - Cultured Mushroom - Butterfly
Discosoma - Cultured Mushroom - Red
Discosoma - Cultured Mushroom - Striped
Discosoma - Cultured Mushroom - Flame
Discosoma - Cultured Mushroom - Marble - Green
Discosoma - Cultured Mushroom - Super Red
Rhodactis - Cultured Hairy Mushrooms - Green
Clavularia - Cultured Clove Polyps - Green
Clavularia - Cultured Clove Polyps - Special Green
Cornularia - Cultured Star Polyps - Green
Cornularia - Cultured Star Polyps - Green Special
Cornularia - Cultured Star Polyps - Green Mettalic
Briareum - Cultured Leather Star Polyps - Brown
Briareum - Cultured Leather Star Polyps - Green
Briareum - Cultured Leather Star Polyps - Metallic Green
Alcyonium - Cultured Colt Soft Coral
Sinularia - Cultured Finger Coral - Green
Sinularia - Cultured Finger Coral - Yellow
Cladiella - Cultured Finger Leather
Lobophytum - Cultured Devil's Hand
Lobophytum - Cultured Devil's Hand - Green
Sarcophyton - Cultured Leather Coral
Sarcophyton - Cultured Leather Coral - Green
Sarcophyton - Cultured Curly Leather Coral
Sarcophyton - Cultured Curly Leather Coral - Green
Sinularia - Cultured Soft Finger Coral
Sinularia - Cultured Young Coral
Dendronephthya - Cultured Red Cauliflower On Sand
Dendronephthya - Cultured Red Cauliflower On Rock
Dendronephthya - Cultured Red Cauliflower Cotton
Neospongodes - Cultured Broccoli Coral - Yellow-Pink
Nephthea - Cultured Nephthea
Nephthea - Cultured Nephthea - Special Color
Lithophyton - Cultured Lithophyton - Color
Capnella - Cultured Capnella
Scleronephthya - Cultured Strawberry Coral - Color
Capnella - Cultured Capnella - Green-Yellow
Scleronephthya - Cultured Strawberry Coral - Red Silk
Studeriotes - Cultured Christmas Tree
Nephthyigorgia - Cultured Red Finger Soft Coral
Anthellia - Cultured Waving Hand Polyp
Anthellia - Cultured Clove Polyps - Green
Anthellia - Cultured Anthellia - White
Xenia - Cultured Xenia B
Palythoa - Cultured Polyp - Real Green
Protopalythoa - Cultured Button Polyp
Protopalythoa - Cultured Button Polyp - Green
Zoanthus - Cultured Sand Polyp - Special Blue
Zoanthus - Cultured Sand Polyp - Green
Zoanthus - Cultured Sand Polyp - Red
Zoanthus - Cultured Sand Polyp - Special Red
Parazoanthus - Cultured Yellow Polyps

Cerianthus membranaceus - Cerianthus Anemone - Green
Cerianthus membranaceus - Cerianthus Anemone - Orange
Cerianthus membranaceus - Cerianthus Anemone - White
Entacmaea quadricolor - Bubble Tip Anemone - Brown
Entacmaea quadricolor - Bubble Tip Anemone - Red
Heteractis magnifica - Magnificent Sea Anemone
Heteractis malu - Malu Anemone - White-Brown-Yellow
Phymanthus - Symbiose Anemone
Phymanthus - Long Tentacle Anemone - Red
Stichodactyla gigantea - Carpet Anemone - Green
Astropecten - White Starfish
Comanthus - Lelly Starfish
Echinaster sepositus - Red Starfish
Linckia laevigata - Blue Starfish
Linckia multiflora - Spotted Starfish
Ophiothrix fragilis - Spider Starfish
Protoreaster lincki - General Starfish
Lysmata amboinensis - White Banded Cleaner Shrimp
Rhynchocinetes durbanensis - Camel Shrimp
Astrea - Turbo Snail
Cerithium - Cerith
Echinothix calamaris - Black And White Spines Urchine
Echinus Esculenitus - Short Spine Urchine Anemone
Mespillia globulus - Short Spine Urchine
Bispira sp.
Serpulid - Hard Tube Worm - Color
Spirographis spalanzani - Feather Duster - Brown
Kupang Corals List   (recent availability list in .pdf format)

Kupang Coral Photos

Kupang Cultured Acropora

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