Tonga Fish & Invertebrates

See the following links for a recent availability lists and pricing for Tonga tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current lists before creating your list.

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A sample list of Tonga fish is shown below ...
(See .pdf page linked above for a recent list with pricing.)

Tonga Fish & Invertebrates -

Bicolor Angel
Coral beauty
Heraldii Angel
Pygmy Angel
Regal Angel
Swallow Angel
Watanabe Angel
Zebra Angel

Orange Anthias
Red Anthias
Painted Goldie
Sunburst Anthias
Yellowtail Anthias
Square Anthias

Bicolor Blenny
Canary Blenny
Black Sailfin Blenny
Bundoon Blenny
Ember Blenny
Forktail Blenny
Gold Sailfin Blenny
Sailfin Blenny

Clown Goby
Citron Goby
Diamond Goby
Golden Neon Goby
Orange Banded Sleeper Goby
Striped Sleeper Goby
Scissortail Goby
Yellow Head Sleeper Goby

Auriga Butterfly
Bennetti Butterfly
Big Longnose Butterfly
Black-back Butterfly
Double Saddle Butterfly
Heniochus Butterfly
Latticed Butterfly
Longnose Butterfly
Masked Heniochus
Mertensii Butterfly
Plebius Butterfly
Raccoon Butterfly
Saddleback Butterfly
Teardrop Butterfly
Pyramid Butterfly

Blue Stripe Clownfish
Pink Skunk Clownfish
Tomato Clown
Tomato Clown Bluestripe

Bicolor Chromis
Blue Fiji Devil
Domino Yellowbelly
Green Chromis
Pavo Damsel
Pearl Chromis
Starcki Damsel
Talbot Damsel
Tricinta Damsel
Vanderbilt Chromis

Common Filefish
Emerald Filefish
Fantail Filefish
Flame Filefish
Mimic Filefish
Orange Spot Filefish
Ordinary Filefish
Scribbled Filefish
Spectacled Filefish
Tassled Filefish
Yellow Filefish

Bicolor Goatfish
Common Goatfish
Yellow Goatfish

Arc eye Hawkfish
Flame Hawkfish
Freckle Hawkfish
Red Lyretail Hawkfish
Spotted Hawkfish

Anchor Tusk
Coral Hogfish
Diana Hogfish
Lyretail Hogfish
Banana Hogfish
Peppermint Hogfish
Candy Hogfish
Blackfin Hogfish

Blue Spot Puffer
Bennetti Puffer
Dogface Puffer
Golden Puffer
Guineafowl Puffer
Mappa Puffer
Saddle Puffer
Stellatus Puffer
Valentini Puffer

Blue Naso Tang
Blue Tang
Bristletooth Yellow
Clown Tang
Convict Tang
Mimic Tang
Mimic Tang, Blue Eye
Naso Tang
Powder Gray Tang
Sailfin Tang
Scopas Tang
Shoulder Tang
Spotted Naso Tang
Unicorn Tang

Bluejaw Trigger
Blueline Trigger
Clown trigger
Goldenback Trigger
Humu humu - Picasso Trigger
Lunula Trigger
Mento Trigger
Rectangulus trigger
Undulated Trigger

Banana Wrasse
Variegated - Batu Wrasse
Bicolor cleaner Wrasse
Black Ear Wrasse
Blue Streak Cleaner Wrasse
Cryptic Wrasse
Dragon Wrasse
Dusky Wrasse
Ear Leopard Wrasse
Eightline Wrasse
Exquisite Fairy Wrasse
Flame Wrasse
Jansen Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse - Black
Leopard Wrasse - Blue
Leopard Wrasse - Red
Lime Wrasse
Lunare Wrasse
Maori Wrasse
Pacific Wrasse
Pearl - China Wrasse
Pencil Wrasse
Pencil Wrasse - Green
Rainbow Parrot Wrasse
Red Mask Coris Wrasse
Red Coris Wrasse
Redwing Wrasse
Ruby Cleaner Wrasse
Red Margin Wrasse
Scotts Wrasse
Sixline Wrasse
Striated Wrasse
Sunset Wrasse
Tonga Fairy - Temmincki Wrasse
Twisty Wrasse
Whitebar - Mystery Wrasse
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Yellowtail Wrasse
Xmas Wrasse - Red or Green

Bicolor Parrot
Black & White Sweetlips
Blue spotted Rabbitfish
Fork tail Rabbitfish
Masked Rabbitfish
Moorish Idol
Scribbled Rabbitfish
Tonga Foxface

Sea Stars & Snails -
Burgundy Linkia Star
Sand Star
Brittle Star
Nassarius Snails

Average 25-30 fish per box

See the .pdf (or non-.pdf/mobile version) link at top of page for recent availability lists and pricing for Tonga tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.

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