"Where Izzat Fish ’n’ Coral From???"

Solomon Islands’ Fish, Corals, & Invertebrates

Remember ... we didn't make up these names ... they have all been taken from overseas lists.


Acropora - Colored
Anemone - Bulb - Purple Sebae - Ritteri - Sebae
Bubble - Short
Cactus Pavona
Devil's Hand Leather
Elephant Ear Mushroom - Green
Favia - Green
Favites - Branch
Favites - Green
Finger Leather - Green
Flower Pot - Green
Frogspawn - Green
Fungia - Color
Fungia - Green
Fungia - Pink
Fungia - Red
Giant Cup Mushroom
Goniopora - Branch
Goniopora - Budding
Goniopora - Green
Hairy Leather
Hairy Leather - Green
Hammer Coral
Heliofungia - Green
Heliofungia - Plate
Horn Coral - Green
Lobophyllia - Carpet
Lobophyllia - Green
Lobophyllia - Green Brain
Lobophyllia - Red
Long Bubble
Merulina - Flat
Mollusks, assorted
Montipora - Green Branch
Montipora - Pink Branch
Montipora - Purple Branch
Montipora - Yellow Branch
Mushroom Leather
Mushroom on Rock
Mycedium - Flat
Pavona - Round
Pillow Star
Pineapple Coral - Green
Pineapple Coral - Green
Pipe Organ
Platygyra - Green
Porites - Blue - Yellow
Purple Rough
Scolymia - Green
Scolymia - Red
Seriatopora - Bird’s Nest
Spiny Cup Pectinia
Star Polyp
Seastar - Blue
Seastar - Brittle
Seastar - Pillow
Seastar - Red
Seastar - Yellow
Tiger Cowry
Tongue - Green
Tongue Coral
Torch - Green Short Stem
Torch Coral
Tubastrea - Black
Tubastrea - Orange
Turbinaria Cup
Yellow Branch
Yellow Cup
Zooanthid Branch
Zooanthid Rock


Amblygoby Decussatus
Allen's Wrasse
Angler Fish
Antennata Lionfish
Banded Eel
Banded Snake Eel
Banded Watchman Goby
Bi-color Angel
Bi-color Cleaner Wrasse
Bird Nose
Black Antenna Goby
Black Blenny
Black Coral Goby
Black Leopard
Blenny (assorted)
Blue Damsel
Blue-belly Trigger
Blue-headed Butterfly
Blue-spot Puffer
Blue-spot Watchman Goby
Blue-stripe Wrasse
Blue Tang
Brown Band Watchman Goby
Brown Heniochus
Brown Tang
Bursa Trigger
Carpenter's Fairy Wrasse
Cherry Grouper
Citron Goby
Citron Goby (pair)
Clarkii Clown
Clarkii Clown (pair)
Cleaner Wrasse
Clown Sweetlips
Clown Tang
Coral Goby (assorted)
Coral Wrasse
Damsel (assorted)
Dogface Puffer
Domino Damsel
Dragon (Knight) Goby
Dragon (Knight) Goby (pair)
Dragon Wrasse
Dwarf Lion
Eel (assorted)
Fancy Fairy Wrasse
Filament Fairy Wrasse
Flagfin Wrasse
Flat Scooter Goby
Golden Butterfly
Golden Head Sleeper Goby
Goldenhead Sleeper Goby (pair)
Green Coral Goby
Green Leopard Wrasse
Green Wrasse (hoveni)
Half & Half Wrasse
Half-black Angel
Halico Wrasse
Hardwickii Wrasse
Helmet Blenny
Hutchi Anthias
Inkspot Trigger
Jansen Wrasse
Lattice Butterfly
Leaf Fish
Leaf Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse
Lizard Fish
Lunare Wrasse
Maroon (pair)
Maroon Clown
Melanopus Clown
Mimic Tang
Miniatus Grouper
Moorish Idol
Naso Tang
Niger Trigger
Nox Black Angel
Orange Skunk (pair)
Orange Skunk Clown
Orange-spot Filefish
Orange-square Goby
Orange-stripe Goby
Orange-tail Damsel
Picasso Trigger
Pink Skunk Clown
Pink Skunk Clown (pair)
Plesiops corallicola
Purple Fairy Wrasse
Purple Queen
Purple Scolopsis
Pygmy Angel
Rainfordi Goby
Red Coris Wrasse
Red Leaf Wrasse
Red Pajama (evanidus) Wrasse
Regal Angel
Richmond Wrasse
Rock (Algae) Blenny
Scopas Tang
Signal Goby (Biocellatus)
Singapore Angel
Soapy Grouper
Solomon Blue Damsel
Snowflake Moray
Speckled Moray
Spotted Grouper
Spotted Hawkfish
Spotted Sand Goby
Spotted Watchman Goby
Stone Fish
Strigosus Tang
Striped Damsel
Tiger Sleeper Goby
Tiger Sleeper Goby (pair)
Torpedo Goby (Red-top / Green Gudgeon)
True Percula Clown
True Percula Clown (pair)
Undulated Trigger
Unicorn Naso Tang
Vagabond Butterfly
Volitan Lionfish
Wardley Wrasse (melanurus)
White Sleeper Goby
White-eye Eel
White-line Trigger
Worm Blenny
Yellow Boxfish
Yellow Cleaner Wrasse
Yellow Clown Goby
Yellow Coral Goby
Yellow Goatfish
Yellow Mimic Tang
Yellow Stonefish
Yellow Watchman Goby
Yellow Wrasse
Yellow-belly Dog
Yellow-head Moray
Yellow-tail Wrasse
Zebra Blenny

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"Where Izzat Fish ’n’ Coral From???"

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