Tonga Corals

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Tonga is one of the furthest south tropical places that corals and fish are shipped from. There is an exceptionally deep trench, the Tonga Trench, over 30,000-feet deep near the islands. There are cold water, nutrient-rich upwellings and great sea bird nesting colonies, which fertilize the land and sea. The water temperature is a cool 75-degrees F.

Tonga is a great place to order Acropora and many of the SPS corals, LPS types, such as Brains and Acans, and soft corals, such as Leathers. They have a limited diversity, with much of it endemic, but the quality is excellent.

Acanthastrea - Acanthastrea echinata
Bowerbanki (rarely in stock) - Acanthastrea bowerbanki
Green Acropora
Pink Acropora millepora
Purple-tip Acropora
Yellow Acropora
Blue Acropora
Tri-colored Acropora (usually secale or similar)
Astreopora sp.
Candycane coral - Caulastrea sp.
Button Coral - Cynarina Lacrymalis
Cyphastrea sp.
Echinophyllia sp.
Hammer Torch - Euphyllia cristata
Green Torch - Euphyllia divisa
Yellow Torch - Euphyllia divisa
Torch coral - Euphyllia glabrescens
Gold glabrescen (rarely in stock) - Euphyllia glabrescens
Metallic Green Torch - Euphyllia glabrescens
Paranacora - Euphyllia paranacora
Yellow Favia - Favia sp.
Colored Favia - Favia sp.
Favites - Favites abdita
Purple Plate - Fungia sp.
Green Plate - Fungia sp.
Orange Plate - Fungia sp .
Colored Plate - Fungia sp.
Stony coral - Galaxia fascicularis
Goniastrea - Goniastrea Australensis
Goniastrea - colored - Goniastrea sp.
Flower Pot Coral - Goniopora lobata
Orange (rare) - Goniopora sp.
Yellow Goniopora - Goniopora sp.
Hydnophora -
Leptoria Brain Coral - Leptoria Phrygia
Leptastrea sp.
Red Lobophyllia
Green Lobophyllia
Orange Lobophyllia
Branching Lobophyllia
Colored Lobophyllia
Merulina - Merulina scabricula
Montastrea sp.
Green Montipora
Purple Montipora
Orange Montipora
Red Montipora
Mollis Montipora
Blue Dane Montipora
Yellow & Purple Montipora
Brown & Green Montipora
Green & Purple Montipora
Extra colored montipora
Yellow & Green Montipora
Superman - Montipora sp.
Green Pavona - Pavona sp.
Orange Pavona - Pavona sp.
Spiny cup coral - Pectinia paeonia
Platygyra - Platygyra pini
Platygyra - colored - Platygyra pini
Bubble Coral - Plerogyra cf. Simplex
Pink Pocillopora - Pocillopora sp.
Cat's Paw
Pocillopora sp.
Yellow Porites - Porites sp.
Scolymia - Scolymia Vitiensis
Scolymia Australis
Master Scoly - Scolymia australis
Seriatopora - Seriatopora hysrix
Purple Stylaster - Stylaster sp.
Pink Stylophora - Stylophora sp.
Green Stylophora - Stylophora sp.
Sun Coral - black - Tubastrea micrantha
Sun Coral - yellow - Tubastrea sp.
Sun Coral - orange - Tubastrea sp.
Pipe Organ - Tubipora Musica
Yellow Ridge - Turbinaria reinformis
Assorted Nano Corals

Lavender Mushroom - Actinodiscus sp.
Gold tip hairy mushroom - Actinodiscus sp.
Green Mushroom - Actinodiscus sp.
Red Mushroom - Actinodiscus sp.
Super Red Mushroom - Actinodiscus sp.
Assorted Mushroom - colored - Actinodiscus sp.
Purple Mushrooms - Actinodiscus sp.
Bright Green Mushrooms - Actinodiscus sp.
Rainbow Hairy Mushroom - Rhodactis sp.
Metallic Mushroom - Actinodiscus sp.
Maiden's Hair - Chlorodesmis sp.
Brown Carnation (usually purple-white) - Dendronepthya sp
Green Carnation - Dendronepthya sp.
Red Carnation - Dendronepthya sp.
Gold Finger Leather - Lobophytum sp.
Green Finger Leather - Lobophytum sp.
Red Bull'seye (rare) - Rodactis sp.
Blue Mushroom - Rodactis sp.
Orange Mushroom - Rodactis sp.
Bounce Mushroom - Rhodactis sp.
Colored Bull'seye Mushroom - Rodactis sp.
Purple Rhodactis (rare)
Yellow Leather - Sarcophyton sp.
Green Leather - Sarcophyton sp.
Green Toadstool - Sarcophyton sp.
Yellow Toadstool - Sarcophyton sp.
Pink Zoanthid Polyps - Scleractinia sp.
Orange Zoanthid Polyps - Scleractinia sp.
Green Zoanthid Polyps - Scleractinia sp.
Assorted Polyps - colored - Scleractinia sp.
Extra Palythoa Colony - Scleractinia sp.
Ricordea - Bright Red - Scleractinia sp.
Combo coral - Scleractinia sp.
Yellow Spaghetti Leather - Sinularia flexiblis
Green Spaghetti Leather - Sinularia flexiblis
Hairy Green Leather - Sinularia sp.
White Pulse xenia -
Assorted Corals - Assorted Corals Yuma

Bubble Anemone - Entacmaea quatricolor
Rose Anemone - Entacmaea quatricolor
Malu Purple tip (possibly sebae) - Entacmaea quatricolor
Purple Malu (possibly sebae) - Entacmaea quatricolor
Ritteri Colored - Entacmaea quatricolor
Carpet Anemone - heteractis sp.

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