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Bali Nusa is currently closed
A sample list of Bali Nusa is shown below.

A note we received from one of our customers after receiving Bali Nusa fish shipment ...
"I just wanted to Thank you for your service. The nearly 50 anthias I got are doing very well. Every single one arrived alive and healthy. Some of them started eating within hours of arriving. Your service have been nothing short of excellent. You run a truly 5-star business and I am happy to be a customer."   - Danish B.

-- Bali Nusa is currently closed --

Bali Nusa is one of our Bali suppliers, maybe the best overall for excellent fill rate and quality. These are very good fish. They have a great selection of the Indo-Pacific species.

This list is common name followed by scientific name (binomial) for accuracy. We have combined a few different lists from over the course of several months in order to be able to give a good idea of the selection of fish available (i.e., not all of these fish are available all the time). Please excuse any typographical errors, it's sometimes difficult to catch them, as the lists arrive to us from points of origin. Also, our apologies for the all lower case, the list is originally all upper case and probably easier to read this way. Of course, correct binomials always have first letter of genus capitalized, and species name always all lower case to be scientifically accurate.

Bali Nusa Fish & Invertebrates -

bicolor - centropyge bicolor
black spot lyretail - genicanthus melanospilos
blue face - euxiphipops xanthometopon
blue koran - pomancanthus semicirculatus
coral beauty - centropyge bispinosus
cortez breeding - pomacanthu zonipectus
emperor - pomancanthus imperator
flagfin - apolemichthys trimaculatus
gray poma - chaetodontoplus melanosoma
half black - centropyge vroliki
keyhole - centropyge tibicen
majestic - euxiphipops navarchus
midnight - centropyge nox
orange striped - centropyge eibli
regal - pygoplites diacanthus
royal blue pygmy - centropyge flavicauda
singapore - chaetodontoplus mesoleucus
six bar - euxiphipops sextriatus
striped swallow - genicanthus lamarck
white tail singapore - chaetodontoplus mesoleucus

Anthias & Basslets
bali basslet - pseudanthias lunulatus
banded fairy basslet (one-stripe anthias) - pseudanthias fasciatus
lyretail - pspecidanthias squamipinnis
philippine fairy basslet - pseudanthias luzonensis
purple queen - pseudanthias tuka
randall's - pseudanthias randalli
red anthias- mirolabrichthys dispar
sailfin anthias - rebaulichthys stigmaticus
sea goldie - psuedanthias hutchi
square pseudanthias - pleurotaenia male
stocky anthias - pseudanthias hypselosoma
truncate fairy basslet - pseudanthias truncatus
yellow pseudanthias - pleurotaenia female

long finned batfish - (tank breed) - platax pinnatus
long finned batfish - platax pinnatus
orbiculate batfish - platax orbicularis
round faced batfish - platax teira

Butterfly Fish
bantayan - chaetodon adiergastos
barone's - chaetodon baronessa
bennett's - chaetodon bennetti
black back - chaetodon melannotus
blackened - chaetodon decussatus
chevroned - chaetodon trifascialis
citron - chaetodon citrinellus
copperband - chelmon rostratus
decorated - chaetodon semion
double saddle - chaetodon ulietensis
eight stripe - chaetodon octofasciatus
humphead bannerfish - heniochus varius
klein's - chaetodon kleini
lined - chaetodon lineolatus
long fin banner fish - heniochus acuminatus
long nose - forcipiger flavissimus
mellon - chaetodon trifasciatus
mirror - chaetodon speculum
moorish idol - zanclus canescens
ornate - chaetondon ornatissimus
philippine pennant coralfish - heniochus singularius
raccoon - chaetodon lunula
raffles - chaetodon rafflesi
red tailed - chaetodon collare
saddleback - chaetodon ephippium
sickle - chaetodon falcula
teardrop - chaetodon unimaculatus
threadfin - chaetodon auriga
three band pennant coralfish - heniochus chrysostomus
vagabond - chaetodon vagabundus

Cardinal Fish
banggai hifin - pterapogon kaudernii
little ruby red - apogon coccineus
longspine - apogon leptacanthus
polka dot (pajama) - sphaeramia nematoptera
red spot - apogon parvulus
striped - apogon cyanosoma
trained banggai - pterapogon kaudernii - (they eat frozen food, and do algebra)

black tomato clown - amphiprion melanopus
black type clark's clown - amphiprion trinictus
false percula clown - amphiprion ocellaris
half black percula clown - amphiprion percula
maroon clown - premnas bioculeatus
maroon clown - premnas bioculeatus
maroon clown (pair) - premnas bioculeatus
orange skunk clown - amphiprion akallopisos
pink skunk clown - amphiprion perideraion
red saddle back clown - amphiprion ephippium
sebae anemonefish - amphiprion sebae
white fin barrier reef clown - amphiprion polymnus
yellow fin barrier reef clown - amphiprion akindynos
yellow type clark's clown - amphiprion clarkii

azure damselfish - chrysiptera hemicyanea
bicolor chromis - chromis bicolor
black bar chromis - chromis restrofasciata
black mouth damsel - paraglyphidodon nigroris
blue damsel - chrysiptera giauca
blue fin damsel - paraglyphidodon melas
blue velvet damsel - paraglyphidodon oxyodon
cross damsel - neolgyphidodon crossi
domino damsel - dascylus trimaculatus
electric blue damsel - pomacentrus alleni
four stripe damsel - dascyllus melanurus
golden damsel - amblyglyphidodon aureus
green chromis - chromis viridis
multispine damsel - chrysiptera hemicyanea
narrowbar damsel - paraglyphidodon dickii
rolandi damsel - chrysiptera rollandi
sergeant mayor - abudefduf sexfasciatus
speckled damsel - pomacentrus bankanensis
talbot's damsel - chrysiptera talboti
three stripe damsel - dascylus aruanus
two stripe damsel - dascylus reticulatus
white damsel - dischistodus perspicillatus
yellow belly damsel - pomacentrus coelestis
yellow damsel - pomacentrus moluccensis
yellow tail damsel - chrysiptera parasema
yellowtail chromis - neopomacentrus nemurus

black ribbon eel - rhinomuraena quaesita
blue ribbon eel - rhinomuraena quaesita
dark spotted moray - gymnothorax fimbriatus
green moray eel - gymnothorax prasinus
hass's garden eel - heteroconger hassi - (best in groups)
semi blue ribbon eel - rhimnomuraena quaesita
snowflake moray - echidna nebulosa
white ribbon eel - rhinomuraena quaesita
zebra moray - gymnomuraena zebra

Gobies, Blennies, Gudgeon, etc.
banded goby - amblygobius phalaena
banded goby - amblygobius phalaena
black coral goby - gobiodon ceramensis
black goby niger - tomiyamichthys oni
black stripe shrimp goby - stonogobiops xanthorhinica
blackfin gudgeon - ptereleotris evides
blue blanquillo - malacanthus latovittatus
blue gudgeon - ptereleotris microlepis
blue striped fang blenny - plagiotremus rhinorhynchos
brown coral goby - gobiodon quinquestrigatus
chinese zebra goby - ptereleotris zebra
cleaner mimic - plagiotermus rhinorhynchos
decorated firefish - nemateleotris decora
dusky blenny black - escenius bicolor
dusky brotulid golden goby - brotulina fusca
ember blenny - cirripectes stigmaticus
fire fish gudgeon - nemateleotris magnifica
flagtail shrimp goby - amblyeleotris yanoi
forktail blenny - meiacanthus atrodorsalis
golden heads goby - valencienna strigata
golden heads goby - valencienna strigata
grammistes blenny - meiacanthus grammistes
green coral goby - gobiodon histrio
green mandarin - pterosynchiropus splendidus
hector's goby - amblygobius hectori
jewelled blenny - entomacrodus striatus
longfinned goby - valenciennea longipinnis
moustache jawfish - opistognathus lonchurus
orange prawn goby - amblyeleotris randalli
orange spotted shrimp goby - amblyeleotris guttata
orange striped goby - amblygobius decussatus
painted blenny - ecsenius pictus
pretty prawn goby - diamond watchman - valencienna puellaris
rainford goby - amblygobius rainfordi
scooter goby - synchiropus occelatus
scooter mandarin - synchiropus occelatus
segmented blenny - salarias segmentatus
sixspot goby - valenciennea sexguttata
smith's blenny - meiacanthus smithii
spottail gudgeon - ptereleotris heteropterus
spotted mandarin - synchiropus picturatus
spotted mandarin - synchiropus picturatus
steinitz's shrimp goby - amblyeleotris steinitzi
tangora goby - ctenogobiops tangaroai
two colored blenny - ecsenius bicolor
two spot goby - signigobius biocellatus
two stripe sleeper - valencienna helsdingeni
ward's glider - valenciennea wardi
wheeler's prawn goby - amblyeleotris wheeleri
yellow coral goby - gobiodon okinawae
yellow lizardfish - cryptocentrus cinctus
yellow rose goby - stonogobiops nematodes
yellow rose goby & partner stonogobiops nematodes

oriental sweetlips - plectorhinchus orientalis
spotted grunt - plectorhinchus chaetodonoides
striped sweetlips - plectorhicchus lessonii
yellow line sweetlips - plectorhinchus albovittatus

Groupers & Dottybacks
blunt headed grouper - epinephelus amblycephalus
cherry dottyback - pseudochromis mccullochi
flame back spotted grouper - variola louti - my favorite piscivore
red miniata grouper - cephalopolis miniata - will eat you out of house
ring eyed dottyback - pseudoplesiops typus
royal dottyback - pseudochromis paccagnellae
splendid dottyback - pseudochromis splendid
whitetail spotted dottyback - pseudochromis polynemus
yellow dottyback - pseudochromis aureus

arc eyed hawkfish - parachirhites arcatus
falco hawkfish - cirrhitichthys falco
forster's hawkfish - paracirrhites forsteri
geometric hawkfish - plectrantias inermis
long nose hawkfish - oxycirrhites typus
soaring hawkfish - cyprinocirhites polyactus
spotted hawkfish - cirrhitichthys aprinus

blackfin hogfish - bodianus loxozonus
dianas hogfish - bodianus diana
dianas hogfish - gomphosus varius
eclipse hogfish - bodianus mesothorax
two spot hogfish - bodianus bimaculatus

Boxfish & Puffers
black spoted puffer - arothron immaulacus
blue spotted sharp puffer - canthigaster rivulata
green spotted puffer - canthigaster solandri
short nose puffer - arothron hispidus
spotted boxfish - ostracion meleagris
striped puffer - arothon manilensis
valentini puffer - canthigaster valentini
yellow boxfish - ostracion cubicus

Stonefish & Lionfish (venomous - use extreme caution)
assorted waspfish - ablabys binotatus
black peacock lionfish (m) - pterois violitan
false stonefish - scorpaenopsis diabolus
fumanchu lionfish - dendrochirus biocellatus
fuzzy dwarf lionfish - dendrochirus brachypterus
radiata lionfish - pterois radiata
white fin lionfish - pterois antenata
white peacock lionfish - pterois miles
zebra lionfish - dendrochirus zebra

bursa trigger - rhinecanthus verrucosus
clown trigger - balistoides conspicillum
halfmoon trigger - sufflamen chrysopterus
queen (odonus) triggerfish - odonus niger
undulatus trigger - balistapus undulatus
yellow bordered triggerfish - pseudobalistes flavimarginatus

Surgeons, Tangs, Unicorns
big nose unicornfish - naso vlamingi
black spot surgeon - acanthurus bariene
blue tang - paracanthurus hepatus
blue tang (6 cm postlarval rearing) - paracanthurus hepatus
bluespine unicornfish - naso unicornis
brown sailfin tang - zebrasoma scopas
clown surgeon - acanthurus lineatus
convict tang - acanthurus triostegus
fine lined bristletooth - ctenochaetus striatus
gold rimmed surgeon - acanthurus glaucopareius
half black surgeon - acanthurus chronix
indian ocean mimic surgeonfish - acanthurus tristis
indian ocean sailfin tang - zebrasoma desjardinii
lieutenant surgeonfish - acanthurus tennenti
lipstick tang - naso lituratus
orange shoulder tang - acanthurus olivaceous
orange spine unicornfish - naso lituratus
palelipped surgeonfish - acanthurus leucocheilus
powder blue tang - acanthurus leucosternon
ringtail surgeon - acanthurus blochii
spot cheeked surgeonfish - acanthurus nigrofuscus
spotted bristletooth - ctenochaetus strigosus
spotted unicornfish - naso brevirustris
two spot bristletooth - ctenochaetus binotatus
whitefaced surgeon - acanthurus japonicus

basket wrasse - halichoeres hortulanus
bicolor doctor (cleaner) - labroides bicolor
black wrasse - halichoeres adustus
blue spot wrasse female - leptojulis cyanopleura
blueside fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus cyanopleura
bluestreak cleaner wrasse - labroides dimidiatus
carpenter's flasher wrasse - parachilinus carpenteri
debelius fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus adornatus
disappearing wrasse - pseudocheilinus evanidus
dragon wrasse - navaculychthys taeniourus
exquisite fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus exquisitus
filamented flasher - paracheilinus filamentosus
green bird wrasse - gomphosus varius
green bird wrasse (brown) - gomphosus varius
green face wrasse - halichoeres melanurus
green wrasse - halichoeres chloropterus
half thicklips wrasse - hemigymnus melapterus
leopard wrasse - macropharyngodon ornatus
lined wrasse - anampses lineatus
lubbock's fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus lubocki
lyre tail wrasse - thalasoma lunare
mediterranean rainbow wrasse - coris julis
pink margin wrasse - cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus
pixie coris - coris pictoides
purpleheaded wrasse - halichoeres prosopeion
rainbow wrasse - thalasoma ablyechepalum
red coris - coris gaimard africana
red eyed fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus solorensis
red eyed fairy wrasse (solar wrasse) - cirrhilabrus solorensis
red flasher wrasse (male) - paracheilinus cyaneus
red tail tamarin - anampses chrysocephalus
ring wrasse juv - hologymnosus annulatus
six line wrasse - pseudocheilinus hexataenia
slingjaw wrasse - epibulus insidiator
smalltail wrasse (female) - pseudojuloides cerasinus
temminck's wrasse - cirrhilabrus temminckii
walindi fairy wrasse - cirhilabrus walindi
whip fin fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus filamentosus
yellow banded possum wrasse - wetmorella nigropinnata
yellow coris - halichoeres chrysus
yellow fin fairy wrasse (male) - cirrhilabrus flavidorsalis
yellow tail cleaner wrasse - diproctacanthus xanthurus
yellowtail spotted wrasse - anampses meleagrides

Misc. Assorted Oddballs
assorted waspfish - ablabys binotatus
australian banded pipefish - coryhoichthys intestinalis
australian banded pipefish - coryhoichthys intestinalis
banded pipefish doryrhamphus dactyliopharus
bicolor parrotfish - bolbometopon bicolor
bigeye soldierfish - myripristis murdjan
black angler - antenarius pictus
black beauty - macolor niger
bullseye jawfish - opistognathus scops
decorated spinefoot - siganus puellus
flounder fish - bothus ocelatus
fox face - lo vulpinus
golden trevally - gnathanodon speciosus
green dragon pipefish - syngnathoides biaculeatus
half red filefish - pervagor melanocephalus
honeycomb filefish - cantherhines pardalis
leopard rockskipper - exallias brevis
long horn cowfish - lactoria cornuta
marbled dragonet - synchiropus morrisoni
matted leatherjacket - acreichthys tomentosus
monacle bream - scolopsis bilineata
purple tilefish - hoplolatilus purpures
red spotted sandperch - parapercis schauinslandi
red stripe tilefish - hoplolatilus marcosi
rosy goatfish - parupeneus rubescens
sargasum anglerfish - histrio histrio - a fish vacuum
striped soldierfish - sargocentron diadema
yellow spinefoot - siganus puelloides

Invertebrates -

anemone crab - neopetrolisthes ohshimai
anemone shrimp - periclimenes brevicapalis
banded shrimp - purple - stenopus tenuirrostris
banded shrimp - stenopus hispidus
banded shrimp - yellow - stenopus scutellatus
banded shrimp stenopus hispidus
banded turbo snail trochus histero
black corn sea slug - phlliadia sp
black corn sea slug - phlliadia varicosa
blue leg hermit crab - calcinus elegans
blue phyllidia nudibranch - phylliadia varicosa
blue star - linckia lavigata
bumblebee shrimp - gnathophyllum americanum
bumblebee snail - engina mendicaria
camel shrimp - rhynchocinetes durbanensis
candy stripe pistol shrimp - alpheus randalli
cleaner shrimp - lysmata grahami
coco worm (hard tube) - red & white - protula bispiralis
collector urchin - tripneustes gratilla
corn anemone - colored - entacmaea quadricolor
corn anemone - entacmaea quadricolor
corn anemone - green - entacmaea quadricolor
corn anemone - red - - entacmaea quadricolor
corn anemone brown - - entacmaea quadricolor
corn sea slug - colored - phylliadia sp
dotted nudibranch - jorunna funebris
fire shrimp - lysmata debelius
flying slug (spanish dancer) - hexabranchus sanguinus
glass shrimp - periclimenes specie
green common marble shrimp - saron marmuratus
harlequin shrimp - hymenocera picta
horned starfish - protoreaster nodosus
l.t. anemone - green - - radianthus species
long black urchin - diadema savignyi
long spine black urchin - diadema savignyi - some are sensitive to these spines
marble-seahorse shrimp - saron inermis
nassarius sail - nassarius graphiterus
necklace starfish - fromia monilis
pakis anemone - heteractis aurora
pillow cushion starfish - culcita sp
purple nudibranch - hypselodoris bullockii
red froimia starfish - fromia milleporella
red leg hermit crab (s) - paguristes cadenati
red mottled seastar - neoferdina insolita
red reef lobster - enoplometopus occidentalis
red reefshrimp - enolometopus occidentalis
red star - echinaster purpureus
sally lightfoot crab - percnon gibbesi
sand anemone - red - heteractis aurora
sand anemone - yellow - heteractis aurora
sand shifting star (white star) - archaster typicus
sand tube worm (brown) - sabella spectabilis
sea hare algae slug - dolabella sp
sebae anemones - heteractis crispa
sexy shrimp - thor amboinensis
spider crab - cyclocoeloma tuberculata miers
squid (cuttlefish) - sepia pharanois
strawberry conch - strombus luhuanus
tiger cowry - cypraea tigris
trigger snail - babylonia spirata
turbo snail - black - trochus maculatus
turbo snail - white - trochus maculatus
tuxedo urchin - mespilia globolus
violet reef lobster - enoplometopus daumi
watson's brittlestar - gomophia watsoni
wedge sea hare - dolabella auricularia
white star (sand sifter) - archaster typicus

Average fish per box, based on fish size:

Average 18-20 fish per box of mixed sizes; large fish may be 5-10 per box; smalls, approx. 30 per box

Please e-mail us to get current pricing and stock on fish. Most of it is available most of the time.

See the .pdf (or non-.pdf/mobile version) link at top of page for recent availability lists and pricing for Bali tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.

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