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FIJI (Fish & Corals)

FIJI (Box-lot Specials)


Bubble Coral
Bubble Coral
Euphyllia - Torch - Rose
Favia - "Flat Brain"
Favites - "Moon Brain"
Fungia - "Plate Coral"
Galaxea - "Crystal Coral"
Goniopora - "Flower Pot"
Hydnophora - "Green Branch"
Lobophyllia - Green
Lobophyllia - Red
Montipora - Purple Branch
Montipora - Velvet Stone
Pavona - "Lettuce" - Green
Platygyra - "Worm Brain"
Pocillopora* - Pink
Porites - Cylindra sp. - "Yellow Branch"
Seriatopora - "Birdís Nest"
Stylophora - Cluster
Tubipora - "Pipe Organ"
Tubipora - "Deep Water Pipe Organ"
Turbinaria - "Ridge"

*No guaranty on Pocillopora


Cladiella - Blushing
Finger Leather - Lobophytum
Hair Polyps (Chlorodesmis fastigiata)
Red Soft Coral - Dendronephthya
Orange Soft Coral - Sclereonepthea
Lacy Finger - Efflatounaria
Leather Coral - "Spaghetti" - Sinularia
Mushrooms - Green
Sarcophyton - Yellow
Sarcophyton - Pin Cushion
Star Polyps
Star Polyps - Green
Xenia - Pulsing*
Xenia - Pompom*

*No guaranty on Xenia

Fiji Fish

Fiji Acropora Photos

Fiji Acropora List

Sample Assorted Tranship Coral Boxes
(Includes Fiji)
Fiji large and extra-large corals ...

These are the large-XL Fiji assorted corals, except the Pipe Organ and Red Lobo are small to medium, to give you an idea of Fiji's sizing. One box of mixed non-Acropora corals with 10 pieces in it, 6 or 7 will be large or extra large size, very big pieces.

Richard's Reef

These are the large-XL acropora that come about 8 to a box.

Thanks to Francisco M. of Miami for these two great photos of Fiji large acropora ...

Fiji Acropora

Fiji Acropora

Customer comment ... during a phone conversation, Bob M. in WA had this to say about the Fiji 10 piece special with 6-7 LARGES that he and a couple buddies split ...  "We couldn't believe how big some of the pieces were. I never saw a yellow spaghetti leather like that, it was so big we could make two large larges out of it. I saw a red favia just like the one you sent, online at one of those fancy shops for $180. Same piece. Yours were great, huge, we were very happy."
See Fiji Acropora Large-XL Photos

Fiji Large-XL Mixed Corals or Acropora
(No guaranty on L-XL acropora)

Fiji Large-XL Mixed (non-acro) Corals
10 pieces with 6-7 L-XL


(E-mail a list of 12 with 8 designated lg-xl's, so they can better fill your order.)

Fiji Large-XL Mixed Acropora
8 pieces (can be 6 to 10)


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