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This page is devoted to understanding more about the culture, history, and geography of the countries that send us our marine livestock. We're going to take a little virtual tour, so have a seat while we take a look around!

Vintage Fiji Fiji 1920's
Tonga Humpback Whale Stamps Tonga Humpback Whales Stamp Fiji Shells Stamps

Island culture and history is very interesting and there are endless areas of potential study with every geographical location ... from learning about the history of the people and the settlement and civilization of the society; to discovering the flora and fauna or marine life; the food and customs; geography of the region; or just to get a feel of what the places look like. We can only begin to brush the surface here, but we hope these pages bring you enjoyment!

Tonga Whale Stamp Tongan Parrot Stamp Tonga Stamps

The HMS Endeavour Bark The archipelago of Tonga was named "the Friendly Islands" by Captain James Cook who visited in the mid-late 1700's. He and his crew charted areas previously unknown, mapped the Great Barrier Reef, along with Tonga and Fiji, as well as other islands in the South Pacific.

Tonga Map

Blowholes at Houma Liku, Tonga ...
Houma Liku (Tonga) Blowholes

Fiji Spices Stamps

Vintage Fiji ...
Fiji Boats Vintage Fiji Gal Fiji Glamour Dance Girls Old Fiji Postcard Vintage Fiji Village

Fiji Map

Pacific Island Legends
Read a short story from "Pacific Island Legends"...
"Telephones Are Installed"

Island Notes
Brought to you by the Friendly Island Kayak Company, this page offers some information on the islands.

Vintage Tonga Hut

Vavau Hut
Village in Vava’u, Tonga (year unknown)

Tonga Humpback Whale Stamp

Photographing Humpback Whales in Tonga

Geographical Notes and Diving
Brought to you by Dive Adventures

Here are some interesting pages about some of the other places where many reefs abound ...


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Australia & Oceania Geography


Diving Bali

Beaches of Bali

An Overview of Java Indonesia

Indonesia: Location, Geography and Climate
"The world's largest archipelago, Indonesia's constellation of islands straddles the divide between the Asian and Australian continental plates."

Destination Reefs: Sulawesi

Biodiversity of Sulawesi

Java Naval Battles in WWII


Bird’s-eye View of "Small Capone" Island - Philippines

Solomon Islands

Solomon Island Diving Adventures

Solomon Islands - Naval Battles in WWII

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Photo Album & Tour

Viet Nam

Legend of Viet Nam
Is it Vietnam or Viet Nam?


Hawai’i from Space

Hawaiian Virtual Field Trip

Coral Spawnings in Hawai'i

Other Interesting Reading and Resources

The Spirit of 'Ohana and the Polynesian Voyagers

Amelia Earhart Found in the South Pacific?

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"Where Izzat Fish ’n’ Coral From???"

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