Customer Photos 2018

Please feel free to send us your pics, we love to see your tanks! It is impossible to get usable images as the shipments move through. A HUGE thanks to our customers that have shared with us, and have given permission to share with others, their corals!

A big thanks to A.W. in N.C. for these neat pix of Ultra Vietnam corals!
I love those zoas!   ~ birdfish

A big hat tip and thanks to Alan Z. from north Jersey for this great photo of a Vila Fairy Wrasse he got from the greenhouse. Beautiful photo of a beautiful fish!

Here are some photos of Tonga Acropora. Thanks to Danish B. for the great photographs!

(Danish said these phone pix didn't show the colors of the corals very well.)

Thanks to Jason G. of Metarie, LA for the following photos, including Fiji acropora ...

These are from the last 2017 shipment in December. They were in the tank one day when the photos were taken so some are still pretty washed out from shipping. But you can see the size and quality. This was one box of medium and was 15 colonies. Most would qualify as larges. Easy on the eyes, eh?

Thanks again Jason for sharing your box of Fiji Acros, great pix!

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