Bali Cultured Corals

Bali is shipping assorted boxes of cultured corals off and on. There have been two types of boxes and shipments so far. Both have 20 colonies. One is 15 Acros and 5 assorted other things, usually LPS. The other boxes are mostly all different, with maybe one Acro.

See the Bali Corals .pdf page (link below) for sample boxes of the assorted mixed box contents.

The shipments so far have been all one type or the other, as in mostly Acro boxes, or barely any Acros boxes, pending on what they could get export permits for. The non-acro boxes often have a fair number of Euphyllia, including fancy stuff.

On the Bali Corals .pdf page, those boxes were $1600 of contents (note gold torches and other fancy stuff in each), plus the $650 of inbound charges per box. So $2250 per box.

They are A+ grade corals. We get little notice, a few days usually at best when they are going to ship. So you have to be ready to jump, and wait. But you can get some very high end fancy corals. On one shipment, the boxes were only $1800, everything included (except your domestic shipping). It varies shipment to shipment.

Kupang has some bit of choosing available, so if that is key, you might look at that at the link below.

(.pdf page)

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Here is an example of the types of corals available ...

Cataphyllia jardinei
Euphyllia ancora
Euphyllia cristata
Euphyllia divisa
Euphyllia glabrescens
Euphyllia paraancora
Euphyllia yaeyamaensis
Galaxea fascicularis
Plerogyra sinuosa
Trachyphyllia geoffroyi
Discosoma - Red

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