Irian Jaya Fish & Invertebrates

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This list is common name followed by scientific name (binomial) for accuracy. The list is in alphabetical order as we have combined a few different lists from over the course of several months in order to be able to give a good idea of the selection of fish available (i.e., not all of these fish are available all the time). Please excuse any typographical errors, it's sometimes difficult to catch them, as the lists arrive to us from points of origin. Also, our apologies for the all lower case, the list is originally all upper case and probably easier to read this way. Of course, correct binomials always have first letter of genus capitalized, and species name always all lower case to be scientifically accurate.

Irian Jaya Fish & Invertebrates -


2-stripe damsel - dascyllus reticulatus
3-band pennant butterfly - heniochus chrysostomus
3-stripe damsel - dascyllus aruanus
4-stripe damsel - dascyllus melanurus
allen's damsel (indian) - pomacentrus alleni
allen's damsel sp. - pomacentrus alleni sp.
allens wrasse - labroides alleni
andaman foxface - lo magnifica
arc eyed hawkfish - paracirrhites arcatus
arrowhead soapfish - belonoperca chabanaudi
assorted clown goby - gobiodon okinawae sp.
australian banded pipefish - corythoichthys intestinaris
bali damsel - neoglyphidodon crossi
bali monster - dollabella auricularia
band dot goatfish - parupeneus macronema
banded angel - centropyge multifasciatus
banded goby - amblygobius phalaena
banded pipefish - doryrhamphus dactyliophorus
banded pipefish - dunckerocampus dactyliophorus
banner fish - heniochus acuminatus
bantayan butterfly - chaetodon adiergastos
barracuda - sphyraena barracuda
bar angel - pomacanthus sexstriatus
barret snake eel - myrichthys colubrinus
basket wrasse - halichoeres hortulanus
batavian batfish - platax batavianus
bellus lyretail angel - genicanthus bellus
benett's sharpnose puffer - canthigaster bennetti
bennetti butterfly - chaetodon bennetti
bicolor angel - centropyge bicolor
bicolor chromis - chromis bicolor
bicolor cleaner wrasse - labroides bicolor
bicolor goat fish - parupeneus barberinoides
bigeye soldierfish - myripristis murjan
black angler - antennarius hispidus
black angler spot - antennarius hispidus
black bar chromis - chromis retrofasciata
black blenny - ecsenius sp.
black peacook lion - pterois volitans
black ribbon eel - rhinomuraena queasita
black spot cardinal fish - apogon dispar
black spot white nudibranch - chromodoris orientalis
blackened butterfly - chaetodon decussatus
blue blanquillo - malacanthus latovittatus
blue damsel - chrysiptera cyanea
blue eye cardinalfish - apogon leptacanthus
blue eyes coral anthias (indian) - pseudanthias squamipinnis
blue face angel - pomacanthus xanthometopon
blue face box fish - ostracion meleagris
blue flasher wrasse (sulawesi) - paracheilinus cyaneus
blue gudgeon - ptereleotris heteropterus
blue koran angel - pomacanthus semicirculatus
blue koran angel half & half - pomacanthus semicirculatus
blue line trigger - pseudobalistes fuscus
blue pygmy angel - centropyge flavicauda
blue ring angel - pomacanthus annularis
blue sided fairy wrasse - cirrhiabrus cyanopleura
blue spot blenny - salarias guthatus
blue spot grouper - cephalopholis argus
blue spotted coral goby - gobiodon histrio
blue spotted ray - taeniura lymma
blue starfish - linckia laevigata
blue streak damsel - neoglyphidodon oxyodon
blue stripe damsel - chrysiptera leucopoma
blue stripe dottyback - pseudchromis springeri
blue stripe nudibranch - cheilinodura varians
blue stripe pipefish - doryrhamphus e.excisus
blue stripe snapper - lutjanus kasmira
blue tang - paracanthurus hepatus
blue throat trigger - xanthichthys auromarginatus
brown bird wrasse - gomphosus varius
brown carpet anemone (long) - stoichacthis kentii
brown sailfin tang - zebrasoma scopas
bull's-eye jawfish - opistognathus scops
burgess's butterfly - chaetodon burgesi
carpenter's wrasse - paracheilinus carpenteri
cherry grouper - variola louti
chevroned butterfly - chaetodon trifascialis
chinese zebra goby - ptereleotris zebra
chocolate tip starfish - protoreaster nodosus
citron butterfly - chaetodon citrinellus
clark's anemone fish - amphiprion clarkii
cleaner mimic - plagiotremus rhinorhynchos
cleaner wrasse - labroides dimidiatus
clown anemone fish - amphiprion ocellaris
clown surgeon - acanthurus lineatus
clown trigger - balistoides conspicillum
collare butterfly - chaetodon collare
colletie's reef basslet - liopropoma colletie
convict tang - acanthurus triostegus
copperband butterfly - chaetodon rostratus
coral beauty angel - centropyge bispinosus
cross damsel - neoglyphidodon crossi
cypraea felina - melicerona felina
dart goby - aioliops megastigma
debelius fairy wrasse - cirrhlabrus adornatus
decora firefish goby - nemateleotris decora
decorated goby - istigobius decoratus
diamond butterfly - hemitaurichthys polylepis
diana hog fish - bodianus diana
disappearing wrasse - pseudocheilinus evanidus
dog face puffer - arothron nigropunctatus
domino damsel - dascyllus trimaculatus
double saddle butterfly - chaetodon ulietensis
dragon wrasse - novaculichthys taeniourus
dusky wrasse - halichoeres marginatus
dwarf dart goby - aioliops megastigma
dwarf lion - dendrochirus zebra
eclipse hog fish - bodianus mesothorax
eight stripe butterfly - chaetodon octofasciatus
eight stripe butterfly (regional variation) - chaetodon octofasciatus
eight stripe wrasse - pseudocheilinus octotaenia
elongate surgeon fish - acanthurus mata
elongatus dottyback - pseudchromis elongatus
emperor angel - pomacanthus imperator
eschmeyer's scorpionfish - rhinopias eschmeyeri
exquisite wrasse - cirrhilabrus exquistius
eyestripe surgeonfish - acanthurus dussumieri
falco hawkfish - cirrhitichthys falco
falcula butterfly - chaetodon falcula
false bluestreak wrasse - labroides pectoralis
false scorpionffish - scorpaenopsis sp
false stone fish - scorpaenopsis diabola
fire clown anemonefish (indian) - amphiprion ephippum
firefish goby - nemateleotris magnifica
flagfin angel - apolemichthys trimaculatus
flounder fish - symphurus sp.
forktail blenny - meiacanthus atrodorsalis
fox face - siganus vulpinis
fuzzy dwarf lionfish - dendrochirus brachypterus
ghost pipefish - solenostomus paradoxus
gold rimmed surgeon - acanthurus nigricans
gold spotted spinefoot - siganus punctatus
gold stripe maroon clown - indian - premnas biaculeatus
golden angel - centropyge aurantius
golden damsel - amblyglyphidodon aureus
golden head goby - valencienna strigata
goose scorpionfish - purple - rhinopias frondosa
grammistes blenny - meiacanthus grammistes
gray zebra octopus - octopus chierchiae
green bird wrasse - gomphosus varius
green carpet anemone (short) - stoichacthis kentii
green chromis - chromis viridis
green face wrasse - biochoeres biocellatus
green lily - encyclopedia spp.
green mandarin - pterosynchiropus splendidus
green parrotfish - scarus psittacus
green pipefish - syngnathoides biaculeatus
green sea grass wrasse
green wrasse - halichoeres chloropterus
half black angel - centropyge vroliki
half thicklip wrasse - hemigymnus melapterus
halloween milenium wrasse - pseudocheilinus sp.
harlequin rockcod - chepalopolis polleni
harlequine shrimp - hymenocera picta
hass's garden eel - taenioconger hassi
hector's goby - amblygobius hectori
hi fin snapper - symphorichthys spilurus
humphead banner fish - heniochus varius
humu humu trigger - rhinecanthus aculeatus
hutomo's anthias - pseudanthias hutomoi
indian mimic tang - acanthurus tritis
indonesian soapfish - plesiops oxcephalus
jansen's wrasse - thalassoma jansenii
kidako moray eel - gymnotorax kidako
klenny butterfly - chaetodon kleini
ladder glider - valenciennea sexguttata
leaf pipefish - solenostomus cynopterus
leopard rock skipper - exallias brevis
lined butterfly - chaetodon lineolatus
lined sweetlips - plectorhinchus albovittatus
lined tamarin - anampses linetus
lipstick tang (indian) - naso lituratus
little ruby red cardinal - apogon coccineus
long black urchin - diadema savignyi
long faced batfish - platax pinnatus
long fin cardinal (bangai cardinal) - pterapogon kauderni
long horned cowfish - lactoria cornuta
long nose butterfly - forcipiger flavissimus
long nose hawkfish - oxycirrhitus typus
lopezs unicorn fish - naso lopenzi
loris's anthias - pseudanthias lori
lubbock's fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus lubbocki
lunulatus anthias - pseudanthias lunulatus
lyre tail anthias (indian) - pseudanthias squamipinnis
lyre tail anthias (pacific) - pseudanthias squamipinnis
lyre tail hogfish - bodianus anthioides
lyretail coral anthias (pacific) - pseudanthias squamipinnis
maccosker's wrasse - paracheilinus maccoskeri
madder sea perch - mirolabrichthys disper
majestic angel - euxiphipops navarchus
manabei wrasse - labropsis manabei
many banded pipefish - doryrhamphus multiannulatus
many lined basslet - lipoproma multilineatum
map puffer - arothron mappa
marble cat shark - atelomycterus macleayi
marine beta - calloplesiops altivelis
marine catfish - plotosus lineatus
maroon clown (pacific) - amphiprion biaculatus
maroon clown (pair) - amphiprion biaculatus
masuda's hogfish - bodianus masdai
mc cosker's wrasse - paracheilinus mccoskeri
melanesian blue devil - chrysiptera sp.
melannotus butterfly - chaetodon melannotus
melas angel - centropyge tibicin
midnight angel - centropyge nox
mimic tang - acanthurus chronixis
mirror butterfly - chaetodon speculum
monkey shrimp - saron marmoratus
moorish idol - zanclus canescens
moustashe jawfish - opistognathus lonchurus
naokoae's fairy wrasse - crhilaburus naokoae
narrow lined puffer - arothron manilensis
nebulous wrasse - halichoeres nebulous
neon damsel - pomacentrus coelestis
normal corn anemone tip - green - entacmaea quadricolor
one spot damsel - red - chrysiptera sp.
one spot damsel - red - neoglyphidodon polycanthus
orange back wrasse - cirrhiabrus sp.
orange exil wrasse - stethojulius bandanensis
orange fin tomini surgeonfish - ctenochaetus tominiensis
orange pencil wrasse - pseudojuloides severnsi
orange prawn goby - amblyeieotris randalli
orange skunk anemonefish - amphiprion sandaracinos
orange spotted goby - amblyeleotris guttata
orange spotted prawn goby - valencienna puellaris
orange surgeon - acanthurus olivaceous
orange tail blenny - ecsenius bicolor
orbiculate batfish - platax orbicularis
oriental sweetlips - plectorhinchus orientalis
ornate angel - genicanthus bellus
ornate wrasse - macropharyngodon ornatus
pacific cleaner shrimp - lismata amboinensis
pacific sailfin tang - zebrasoma veliferum
painted sweetlips - plectorhinchus pictus
panther grouper - cromisleptes altivelis
peach wrasse - halichoeres prosopeion
pink corn anemone - entacmaea quadricolor
pink squirrelfish - sargocentron tiereoides
pink tail trigger - melichthys vidua
porcupine fish - diodon liturosus
possum wrasse - wetmorella nigropinnata
potblly leatherjacket - pseudomonacanthus peroni
pottery angel - centropyge eibli
powder blue tang - acanthurus leucosternon
powder blue-gold rimmed tang - acanthurus leucosternon sp.
powder brown tang - acanthurus japonicus
princess anthias - pseudoanthias smithvanzi
purple carpet anemone (short) - stoichacthis kentii
purple queen anthias - mirolabrichthys tuka
purple tilefish - hoplolatilus purpureus
queen trigger - odonus niger
raccoon butterfly - chaetodon lunula
radiata lion - pterois radiata
rafless butterfly - chaetodon rafflesi
railway glider - valenciennea helsdingenii
rainbow wrasse - thalassoma amblycephalum
randalli's anthias - pseudanthias randalli female
rectangle trigger - rhinecanthus rectangulus
red & black anemonefish - amphiprion melanopus(var)
red & green dottyback - psuedchromis novaehollandiae
red angler - antennarius biocellatus
redback ring wrasse - hologymnosus
red bali star fish - protorester lincki
red bottom anemone - bratholomea annulata
red coris - coris gaimard
red eyed fairy wrasse (sulawesi) - cirrhiabrus solorensis
redfin fusilier - caesio xanthonota
red flag grouper - cephalopholis urodeta
red scooter blenny - neosynchiropus sp
red spot cardinal fish - apogon pavulus
red spotted dottyback - pseudchromis sp.
red stripe tilefish - hoplolatilus marcosi
red stripe goby - amblygobius rainfordi
red tail blue damsel - chrysiptera cyanea
red tail dottyback - pseudchromis sp.
red tail filefish - pervagor melanocephalus
red fin fusilier - caesio xanthonota
red stripe tilefish - hoplolatilus marcosi
regal angel (indian) - pygoplites diacanthus
rose band fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus roseafascia
round faced batfish - platax teira
royal damsel - chrysiptera sp.
royal dottyback - pseudchromis paccagnellae
saddleback anemonefish - amphiprion polymnus
saddleback butterfly - chetodon ehippium
sand anemone (dyed yellow) - phymanthus sp.
sand anemone - gray - phymanthus sp.
sargassum angler - histro histro
scissortail gudgeon - ptereleotris evides
scooter blenny - synchiropus ocellatus
scribbled anthias - pseudanthias bimaculatus
sea goldie - pseudanthias hutach
sergeant major - abudefduf sexfasciatus
sexy shrimp - thor amboinensis
shark's egg - chiloscyllium punctatum sp
shrimp fish - aeoliscus strigatus
singapore angel - chaetodontoplus mesoleucus
singularis banner fish - heniochus singularis
six banded angel - pomacanthus sexstriatus
six bar angel - euxiphipops sexstriatus
six line wrasse - pseudocheilinus hexataenia
six stripe soapfish - grammistes sexlineatus
skunk clown - amphiprion perideraion
sling jaw wrasse - yellow - epibulus insidiator
snowflake moray - echidna nebulosa
soaring hawkfish - cypnnocirrhites polyactus
splendens dottyback - pseudchromis splendens
spot band butterfly - chaetodon punctatofasciatus
spot carpenter's wrasse - paracheilinus carpenteri sp.
spot face surgeon fish - acanthurus maculiceps
spotted boxfish - ostracion meleagris
spotted grunt - plectorhinchus chaetodonoides
spotted mandarin - synchiropus picturatus
spot-stripe dottyback - pseudochromis tonozukai
spottail gudgeon - ptereleotris microlepis
spotted grunt - plectorhinchus chaetodonoides
spotted unicorn tang - naso brevirostris
square anthias - pseudanthias pleurotaenia
stark's tilefish - hoplolatilus starcki
stocky anthias - pseudoanthias hypselosoma
stripe soldierfish - sargocentron diadema
striped bristletooth - ctenochaetus striatus
sulawesi basslet - liopropoma swalesi
talbot's damsel - chrysiptera talboti
tangaroai goby - ctenogobiops tangaroai
tennenti surgeonfish - acanthurus tennenti
thalasoma wrasse - thalassoma lunare
threadfin butterfly - chaetodon auriga
tomenthosus filefish - acreichthys tomenthosus
tonozu fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus tonozukai
triangle butterfly - chaetodon triangulum
two spotted basslet - carmabi sp.
two spot goby - signigobius biocellatus
two spot hogfish - bodianus bimaculatus
two spot maori wrasse - cheilinus bimaculatus
undulate trigger - balistapus undulatus
unicorn tang - naso unicornis
vagabound butterfly - chaetodon vagabundus
valentini puffer - canthigaster valentini
verrucosus trigger - rhinecanthus verrucosus
waitel anthias - luzonichthys waitei
wardi goby - valenciennea wardi
warty frogfish - antennarius maculatus
wheeler's prawn goby - amblyeleotris wheeleri
white edged lyretail - variola albimarginato
white algae blenny - salarias fasciatus
white angler fish - antennarius sp.
whitebar filefish - paramonacanthus choirocephalus
white bellied red dottyback - pseudchromis sp.
white edged lyretail - variola albimarginato
white eel - uropyerygius concolor
white fin lion - pterois antennata
white lined blenny - ecsenius pictus
white spotted puffer - arothron hispidus
white spotted rabbitfish - siganus canaliculatus
white spotted reef cod - epinephelus cauleopunctatus
white tail dottyback - manonichthys alleni
white tail triggerfish - sufflamen albicandatus
whitebar filefish - paramonacanthus choirocephalus
white spotted puffer - arothron hispidus
yasha goby - stonogobiops yasha
yellow angler - antennarius hispidus
yellow anthias - pseudanthias pleurotaenia
yellow backfin surgeonsfish - acanthurus bariene
yellow bellied damsel - pomacentrus coelestis
yellow box fish - ostracion cubicus
yellow clown goby - gobiodon okinawae
yellow coris - halichoeres chrysus
yellow damsel - pomacentrus moluclensis
yellow dottyback - pseudchromis aureus
yellow face triggerfish - psuedbalistes flavimarginatus
yellow lateral line fusilier - pterocaesio digramma
yellow prawn goby - cryptocentrus cinetus
yellow sided wrasse - cirrhiabrus cyanopleura sp.
yellow spinefoot - siganus guttatus
yellow spot anthias - pseudanthias flavoguttatus
yellow stripe clingfish - diademichthys lineatus
yellowtail blenny - ecsenius namiyei
yellowtail blue damsel - chrysiptera parasema
yellowtail chromis - neopomacentrus nemurus
yellowtail cleaner wrasse - diproctacanthus xanthurus
yellowtail tamarin - anampses meleagrides
yellowface triggerfish - psuedbalistes flavimarginatus
yellowrose goby - stonogobiops xanthorhinicia sp.
yellowstripe clingfish - diademichthys lineatus
zebra angel (indian) - genicanthus caudivittatus
zebra moray - gymnomuraena zebra
zebra shark - chiloscyllium punctatum
zigzag wrasse - halichoereres scapularis


algae eater snail - astraea tecta
anemone - long tentacle - purple - radhianthus koseirensis
anemone crab - neopetrolisthes maculosus
anemone shrimp - periclimenes brevicarparis
assorted colored seaslug - chromodoris sp.
assorted octopus - octopus sp.
banded shrimp - purple - stenopus hispidus
banded shrimp - stenopus hispidus
big head shrimp - enoplometopus accidentalis
blue nudibranch - cheilinodura varians spp
blue starfish - linckia laevigata
blue stripe nudibranch - cheilinodura varians
blue striped hermit crab - calcinus elegans
boxer crab - lybia tesselata
brown carpet anemone (long) - stoichacthis kentii
brown carpet anemone (short) - stoichacthis kentii
bumblebee snails - engina mendicaria
camel shrimp - rhynchocinetes durbanensis
chocolate tip starfish - protoreaster nodosus
corn anemone - green - entacmaea quadricolor
corn anemone - red - entacmaea quadricolor
cypraea felina felina - melicerona felina
double sea star - iconaster longimanus
fire shrimp - lysmata debelius
flying scallop red - lima scabra
flying seaslug red - aplysia sp.
green carpet anemone (short) - stoichacthis kentii
green corn anemone - entacmaea quadricolor
harlequin shrimp - hymenocera picta
hatpin urchin - astropyga sp
koko worm - red - protula bispialis
koko worm - white & red - protula bispialis
long black urchin - diadema savignyi
long spined banded urchin - echinothrix calamaris
monkey shrimp - saron marmoratus
mushroom sponge (without rock) - halicona sp.
nassarus snail - nassarus spp. pacific cleaner shrimp - lismata amboinensis
pentagon seastar - bothriaster primigenius
pink corn anemone - entacmaea quadricolor
purple shrimp - periclimenes sp.
red bali star fish - protorester lincki
red bottom anemone - bratholomea annulata
red leg hermit crab - dardanus gemmatus
red stripe algae snail - trochus histrio
red zebra starfish - fromia monilis
sand anemone - gray - phymanthus sp.
scallop - red - lima scabra
sea slug - red - aplysia sp.
sea urchin - red - tripneustes gratilla
seaslug - purple - chromodoris lubocki
sexy shrimp - thor amboinensis
soft tube worm - brown - sabellastarte indica
soft tube worm - yellow - sabellastarte indica
sphere urchin - blue - red hair - mespilliaglobulus
sphere urchin - blue - mespilliaglobulus
sphere urchin - green - mespilliaglobulus
starfish - red - echinaster purpureus
starfish fromia -red - fromia pacifica
strawberry conch snails - strombus luhuanus
stripe carpet anemone (short) - stoichacthus sp.
tiger cowry - cypraea tigris
tube anemone - orange - cerianthus membranceus
turbo snail - turbo flctuosa
white star fish - archaster typicus
worm cucumber - orange - synaptula maculata
yellow banded shrimp - stenopus hispidus
yellow bottom anemone - radhianthus sp.
yellow warty sea cucumber - colochirus robustus
zebra brittle starfish - ophioderma cf appressum
zebra octopus original - octopus chierchiae

Average fish per box, based on fish size:

Average 16-20 fish per box of mixed sizes; large fish may be fewer than 16 per box; smalls, approx. 20 or more per box

Please e-mail us to get current pricing and stock on fish. Most of it is available most of the time.

See the .pdf (or non-.pdf/mobile version) link at top of page for recent availability lists and pricing for Irian Jaya tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.

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