Manado Corals

Excellent quality cultured corals

Manado corals are available every month or so and often sell out very quickly. If you are interested in corals from Manado, please send us an e-mail to let us know.

Below is a sampling of photos of some of the corals they have available, as well as a sample list and the list (with photos) from one of the recent shipments.

For reference only ...

Manado May '24

Manado Jan. '24

Manado Dec. '23

This is a sampling of photos of some of the corals Manado usually has available ...



Hammer Coral

Torch Coral

Branch Hammer


Plate Coral

Brain Coral

Sunflower Coral

Sunflower Coral

Combo Zoanthids

These are corals that have been on the Manado availability list ...

Bangka Finger Coral - Green - Sinularia sp.
Bangka Finger Coral - Green Metallic - Sinularia sp.
Big Eye Mushroom - Green Metallic - Discosoma sp.
Big Pipe 2 color - Blastomussa wellsi
Big Pipe Green - Blastomussa wellsi
Big Pipe Red - Blastomussa wellsi
Blue Sympodium
Blueberry Sea Fan - Acanthogorgia sp.
Brain Coral - Premium - Trachyphyllia geoffroyi
Brain Coral - Red Metallic - Trachyphyllia geoffroyi
Brain Lobo - Color Metallic - Lobophyllia hemprichii
Brain Lobo - Orange Metallic - Lobophyllia corymbosa
Brain Lobo - Red Metallic - Lobophyllia corymbosa
Branch Hammer - Metallic - Gold - Euphyllia paraancora
Branch Hammer - Metallic - Green - Euphyllia paraancora
Branch Hammer - Neon - Euphyllia paraancora
Branch Hammer - Orange - Euphyllia paraancora
Branching Leather Umbrella - Green - Sarcophyton sp.
Bubble Coral - Green - Plerogyra sinuosa
Bubble Coral - Green Metallic - Plerogyra sinuosa
Button Polyps - Green Metallic - Protopalythoa sp.
Candycane - Green Metallic
Cauliflower Red on rock - Dendronephthya sp
Chubby Plate - Bright Orange
Chubby Plate - Green
Chubby Plate - Rainbow Premium
Chubby Plate - Red Hairy
Closed Brain - Red Metallic - Symphyllia sp.
Colt Coral - Cladiella sp
Combo Color Polyp (Handmade) - Parazoanthus & Palythoa sp.
Combo Mushroom & Polyp Metallic - Actinodiscus sp.
Cotton Cauliflower - Red, Pink, Orange - Dendronephthya sp
Crystal Coral Green - Galaxea sp.
Devil's Hand Green M - Lobophytum sp.
Doughnut - Premium
Echinopora - Super
Echinopora - Two Color Metallic
Elegance Coral - Pink Tip
Elephant Ear Mushroom- Metallic Green - Rodhactis sp.
Flat Brain Green Metallic - Wellsophyllia radiata
Flat Brain Red - Wellsophyllia radiata
Flat Brain Red Metallic - Wellsophyllia radiata
Fox Coral - Green
Golden Sea Mat (Yellow Polyps) - Palythoa
Green Clove Polyps - Green Metallic
Green Clove Polyps - Orange - Clavularia sp
Hairy Mushrooms - Green Metallic - Rhodactis spp.
Leather Umbrella Green - Sarcophyton sp.
Long Stalk Polyp - Metallic - Palythoa
Long Tentacle Plate - Green Neon - Heliofungia actinoformis
Montastrea Makassar - Green
Montastrea Makassar - Red Metallic
Moonstone - Metallic Green - Favia sp.
Moonstone - Metallic Red - Favia sp.
Mushrooms - Blue
Orchid Polyps - Clavularia sp
Organ Pipe - Green
Oxypora - Color Metallic
Pearl Coral - Green
Pectinia - Premium
Pineapple Metallic Green - Favites sp.
Pineapple - Metallic Red - Favites sp.
Sand Polyps - Metallic Color - Parazoanthus sp.
Sand Polyps - Parazoanthus sp.
Star Polyps - Metallic Green on Skin - Briareum sp
Star Polyps - Metallic Green - Pachyclavularia sp
Sunflower - Green Metallic - Goniopora sp.
Sunflower - Red Metallic - Goniopora sp.
Sunflower - Yellow Metallic Sulawesi - Goniopora sp.
Torch - Green Metallic - Euphyllia glabrescens
Torch - Orange Metallic - Euphyllia glabrescens
Torch - Green Tentacle Orange Yellow
Wall Hammer - Green Metallic
Wall Hammer - Green Purple-tip
Wall Hammer - Orange Metallic
Wall Hammer - Gold
Watermelon Mushroom - Gold

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