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Here we cover the terms and conditions of the sale ...

This page covers information mostly found in several places on other ordering pages, here we pull it all together in one place. There are also details regarding situations that do not typically occur. These are our terms and conditions of sale. If you order, we presume you agree to them. They are not as bad as they sometimes might sound, we had to get rid of our complaint gorilla, he had nothing to do. We find business best when everyone understands everything and there are no surprises.

All orders are paid for in advance, with the exception of the domestic shipping. The prices shown on this website do not include your domestic freight costs, that is the shipping cost from LAX to your airport. Generally it is around $90-100 for one box, and about $130 for two boxes, a bit less if on the west coast. You pay the airline the cost of the domestic freight when you pick up at your airport.

When you order something it is yours. Our cancellation policy is that you cannot cancel.   If we can't get something we will tell you and refund your order if placed. Normally we know whether or not something is available, or not, when you call or e-mail. If you have to wait, we let you know how long up front.

However once you've bought it, you own it. The industry works on a payment in advance only system, and we must pay for it when we place your order. Obviously we cannot accept orders without payment in full in advance. For most sources Thursday earliest evening is cut-off for ordering for arrival that next Sunday (to LAX) or the following week. If you are going to run late Thursday, please order on Wednesday. Your fill rate is better than at last minute late Thursday.

We are not responsible for delays due to airlines. If you have a problem due to an airline delay, that is between you and the airline. A claim must be filed with the airline if this ever happens. Only twice in the last 10 years has this occurred.

We are, with all the modesty I can muster, top-level experts at routing and shipping. You will also find our packing to be as good as any you ever saw. Most items are packed for twice as long as it takes for you to normally get them. We use plenty of heat packs or ice when required, including heat-packing live rock to cold destinations.

We guaranty live arrival on delivery except for a few items. We will always make that clear to you in advance, such as if you want to order large Acros, anemones, large Euphyllia, and a few other items.

There can always be a sub or few when ordering directly from the exporters overseas. Often and usually there are not any. But sometimes depending on what you order, it rarely can happen. Typically they follow your list spot-on, and only if they run out of something or you are ordering items that they only have a very few of does this occur. Always add a few items for a sub-list so they are picking from your choices to fill the box.

We can never guaranty receiving items with very low stock numbers. Low stock items are a lottery to receive. If they show only 5 of something they will give one each to the orders that have them rather than 5 to one person.

Most places average about 20 pcs. per box. Fiji uses a smaller box so packs fewer peices for corals, about a dozen per box. Prices may change without notice (they only exceedingly rarely do that).

DOA claims must be supported with photograph within 24 hours. This is not because we don't believe you, but in order for us to have recourse. If we have to give you credit, we want to be able to ask for some too, and without a photo within 24 hours, we can't. We ask you to help support us in this. THANKS! Credit only with photos.

In tranship, the animal cost is what we get back (only with photo) and give to you. Overall DOA's are less than 5%, and often ZERO. We don't use the cheapest sources, but the ones with the best stuff, that know how to ship it, and those guys cost more. There are lots of places to get cheaper product, there are not lots of places to get better quality fish or corals. We would rather explain our price once, than apologize for our quality forever.

In general, you will find the sizing and quality to be above and beyond what you are used to seeing, except at the highest-end top-dollar sources. On average most items retail for two to three times our pricing here.

We also feel that when you are getting pieces for half or less of regular average retail prices, there should be some consideration on your part if you get a DOA piece out of two dozen.  

Sometimes an expected shipment may be delayed by the exporter, lots of things can happen when importing directly from foreign countries and islands on the other side of the world. The most common reasons are that they didn't have permits for your type of corals, or they couldn't get freight space, or there was a typhoon, perhaps what you ordered didn't look perfect, etc. While it is rare, we expect your understanding if an exporter can't ship any given week, to wait for the next shipment from them. Anything can happen from plane trouble to Chinese New Year or Ramadan shutdowns, the King's birthday, and sometimes CITES permit issues.

It is beyond very very rare that any of the above is so much as a consideration with any order.

About 99% of our orders go exactly as planned with very few to no DOA. We have spent years fine-tuning the details of this and generally it all goes down like clockwork. If there is a hangup with waiting for live rock or certain corals or fish, we tell you all we know before you order, and keep you posted with the latest info we have.

We do not receive your credit card information and keep what we do get in terms of personal information in the strictest of confidence. Only the airbill is handled by others, whom feel the same way we do about your privacy. We do not sell or share any information, including e-mail e-dresses and will not divulge any of your personal information for any reason whatsoever, forever.

We do not accept international orders for live rock, fish, or corals, nor can we make arrangements to meet at Los Angeles International airport.

You will find us to be very open and up-front about everything, cards on the table face up. Our goal is to provide you with the best fish and corals at the best price possible and for you to not have anything but glowing reviews about the quality and experience.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


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