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Vietnam Zoanthids

Vietnam Zoanthids

Customers on our mailing list receive updated availability lists created on a spreadsheet (Excel) that includes pages from a handful of sources that are scheduled to ship to LAX the following week. To get on our mailing list, send us an e-mail to let us know you're interested in receiving the weekly mailer.

Just a quick note in case any Comcast customers peek here. Comcast seems to have our e-mails blocked, so we're unable to e-mail you at a Comcast e-dress. You can try white listing us, but we can't guaranty that will work. If you have an alternate e-mail address, please send it to us if you'd like to get on our mailing list or if you've not been receiving our e-mails. Also, it's pertinent that we have another e-mail address for you if you place an order with us. Thank you!

August 2, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on August 10th ...

Update August 4th - Acropora have now been added

(cut-off for ordering is Friday)

July 19, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on July 27th ...

(July 20th - Acropora have been added to the pages)

(cut-off for ordering is Friday)

July 6, 2022

Hi all,

Hope summer is hitting you just right. With chillers engaged. Here is current fish and coral supply news from the Indo-Pacific.

Philippines and Bali both have direct flights to LAX again, so their inbound packs are back down to the old standard of 24 hours. Fish are coming in mostly great like they used to. There are a couple of Bali shippers, plus Lombok and Irian Jaya all from that area. Then besides Cebu and "V", we recently got some good "RVS" from the Philippines who has a new facility there. Getting back to a one-day pack from these sources to LAX is fantastic. All of these are usually are Wednesday to and out of LAX, Thursday to you.

Fiji has been very consistent on Tuesdays to LAX, Wed. to you. They show lots of Sunburst Anthias and Pyramid Butterflies, both are being rationed, one or two per box. Their fish are usually great though, and mostly run larger in sizes.

Kenya and Sri Lanka have both been offline and now are gearing up to get back online. We will be able to get wrasses from Kenya via the EU again, finally. Not sure if it will start in a week or two, but soon. Sri Lanka is in another civil strife thingie but it too will pass and our shipper is getting antsy about shipping again. Planes have to have enough fuel to leave to destination when they fly in there! And probably guards. They have some Red Sea on their new list.

Vietnam has not been able to get any freight space so has not shipped in two months maybe. As soon as they get space it goes, so you have to have your order in and pending. It is not odd to just have two days notice when they get space.

Tonga is way overdue and was supposed to come in the last few weeks but due to one issue or another has not. We are waiting, it will be any time. If not this week, then next.

Tahiti maxima clams have been regular every few weeks or month. The Tangs not so much, different people. There was an Achilles shipment a few weeks ago, but no Black Tangs. They are supposed to be getting a shipment together for them and White-tailed Koles, besides more Achilles right now. It could happen any time. We just have to wait until they say it's coming.

Most of the sources are not particularly good at communication besides some of them updating stock lists. But they are good at filling the orders! And these are the ones with the best fish.

Happy fishin'!

Marine Livestock .pdf Lists

June 23, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on June 29th ...

Kupang Photos

(cut-off for ordering is Friday, or early in the day Saturday)

June 1, 2022

There is an upcoming Kupang corals shipment due to arrive LAX on June 8th, please see the following pages for more information ...

(Pricing links are also shown on this page.)

May 18, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on May 25th ...

Kupang Photos

(Acropora photos are already showing on the availability list & photos.)

May 5, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on May 11th ...

Kupang Photos

We expect acropora photos to be available soon.

April 28, 2022

Tonga is now back open and will be shipping soon!

Please see the following page for a link to a new .pdf list ...

Tonga Corals

April 21, 2022

Hi fish friends,

Hope all are well and your fish are fat!

There will be a Kupang corals shipment arriving to LAX on April 27th, please see the following page for photos of some of the available corals ...

Kupang - April 27th

Currently, the Philippines and Bali areas fish and inverts are shipping with Wednesday arrivals to LAX, Thursday to you. If ordering, it's best to have your list completed by Thursday or Friday. We often get a last minute update on Thursday night or Friday. If any adjustments need to be made, we can get them sorted out before our order cut-off on Saturday afternoon. Fiji fish arrive on Tuesdays to LAX, Wednesday to you.

The Tahiti tang man is out on a three island tour, we hope he's getting some Black Tangs! Have your order standing if you want one, or Achilles and White-tailed Kole. Vietnam's next ship date remains unknown, my guess is it'll be a couple of weeks at least.

We have another guy in Kenya who has worked with the regular Kenya people that seems to be more responsive to working with us. He can send some soft corals, for instance, that the big guy just won't bother with. The big dude wants to sell $50-100K sharks and not little fish. So, the next updated list on our .pdf page will be new, though much looks the same. There will be some new items on it, and more to come. We presume there will be a shipment in a couple of weeks or so. In the past, they've had some great zoas and shrooms. I am sure the coral boxes will have some other fees like CITES permits and will weigh a lot more than fish boxes. So expect boxes of them to cost about a hundred dollars or two more than a fish box on the inbound per box charges.

Sri Lanka is currently off-line due to an economic and political crisis.

Tonga is still off-line since the volcanic eruption.

Tonga Undersea Eruption

Here are some new customer photos you might like ... Annularis Angels, Achilles Tang and others ...

Customer Photos '22

Happy fishin'!

March 23, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on March 30th ...

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

March 9, 2022

First, the big news is that there are finally once again direct flights from Bali to LAX. So, it is no longer a two-day pack time -- it's back to the old one-day as it was before. So we are lifting our previous 'do not buy' advice. New lists are up for Bali Nusa and Irian Jaya fish now. There is high demand since many things there have not been very easily available recently and stock turnover seems high.

Marine Livestock .pdf Lists

Kupang is shipping again for March 16 to LAX, new pics and list are up. We expect acropora to be added to the list soon.

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

The EU has disallowed any wrasses to so much as pass through in a sealed box. This is a problem with shipments like Kenya that went through Germany. Now arrangements are being made for it to go through Heathrow in the U.K., so they can still ship wrasses to us! Trying for next Wed. the 16th to LAX.

Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Kenya, are on average once a month for shipments. Fiji and Cebu are weekly. Tonga of course is over and out since the volcano. There has not been much for Australia, there was a stop for a survey, and things have not gotten back to normal since then.

Call or e-mail if you have any questions about scheduling or need a list. Generally the .pdf page has usable lists.

Spring is on the way!


February 25, 2022

Acropora have been added to the Kupang availabilities ...

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

February 22, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on March 2nd ...

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

February 10, 2022

Hi fish folks,

We generally give politics a wide berth here as regular readers know, there isn't any. However there is an issue currently before the U.S. Senate that could completely change the tropical fish hobby and business as we know and love it. This is not hyperbole, the fish hobby and biz is in critical danger.

Please consider checking out the link below to find out more, or what you can do. Contacting your Senators is the stage we are at now, like right now, as this has passed the House. Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration.

2022 Lacey Act Info


February 9, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on February 16th ...

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

January 28, 2022

We apologize for the delay as we awaited the Kupang acropora availabilities!

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

January 26, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on February 2nd ...

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

January 20, 2022

Manado corals will be arriving to LAX on January 30th, a current list can be found as a link on the following pages ...

Manado Corals

Marine Livestock .pdf Lists

January 13, 2022

Additional corals and acropora have now been added to the Kupang pages shown below.

January 11, 2022

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on January 19th ...

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

January 6, 2022

Hi fish friends,

Hope you all had happy holidays with plenty of cheer! Shipping has been a disaster out of LAX for the last ten days or so. Some shippers have been picking shipments back up that couldn't go out, starting two days before Christmas. It is supposed to be caught up and sorted out by the end of the week. Toss on the airport closures due to the storms and 20 thousand cancelled flights, whoo boy!

A Kupang shipment came in on Jan. 5th, so the next one will probably be Jan. 19th. There may be another Indo shipment coming in about the same time. Tonga is scheduled to arrive LAX on Tues. or Wed., Jan 11-12th. They were getting prepared to ship for this week, but it was cancelled due to the post-holiday shipping situation. Vietnam does not have a date set yet for their next shipment as they have some serious freight space issues.

In fish, Fiji and Cebu are back on regular weekly shipments and will come in next week. Fiji will be Tues. to LAX, Wed. to you. Kenya and Cebu are Wed. to LAX, Thurs. to you. Sri Lanka is getting their boxes together for their next shipment, so get your order in if you want some in a week or two!

There will be more Tahiti maxima clams Jan. 18th to LAX, but no fish yet. They still have issues intra-island, getting to and from the outer islands where the good tangs are.

Happy New Year!

Tahiti Clams Photos

December 29, 2021

Additional corals and acropora have now been added to the Kupang pages shown below.

Have a Happy New Year!

Kupang Corals Main Page

(link to pricing pages can be found here)

December 28, 2021

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on January 5th ...

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

December 21, 2021

Hi fish friends,

We wish you happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! Safe travels if you are doing that! We also would like to thank everyone for their support again! We really appreciate it!

As most of you know, getting livestock has been a whole 'nother beast this last year without regularly scheduled air service for much of the Pacific. You have to place orders and wait for them to get a shipment out. Everything is on charter flights with freight rates doubling from some places. In general, freight will be easier after the holiday season.

I just read that Bali only had 45 tourists from Jan. to Nov., losing 80% of their economy this year. No flights except for charters, so it is $20 per kilo (was $6-7) and a connection instead of direct flights, requiring about a 50 hour pack time total. It is too much and too long for how they pack. There is some little bit of flights out of Jakarta, so some Indo corals (lately) and Kupang corals (regularly) have been available that way. They will both ship in January. The inbound boxes are about $700-750 each though. Ouch. We used to sell boxes of 20 Indo corals for $400, including the corals!

Australia has been closed for coral surveys. Tonga has been having Air New Zealand and Covid problems, so after coming every three weeks for months, has not come in a couple months. We expect it to get going again in early January. Fiji remains closed for corals to the U.S. They have been shipping soft corals to the EU and Asia. Their softies are not all that great anyway, it is the Acros we want. Vietnam softies have been every month or so as they can get freight space out. Great zoas and shrooms.

In fish all the Bali areas are offline presently. Which includes Irian Jaya. Philippines Cebu is good for lots of variety and inverts. The best fish are Kenya and Sri Lanka. I.O. fish. Same as it ever was. Powder Blues that live. Fiji is good too, and likewise all hand and net caught. We lost Hawai'i this year for fish. No flights from the Marshalls so all that stuff has been unavailable too. Tahiti has been shipping some Black, Achilles, and White-tailed Kole Tangs, as well as their great Maxima clams. Gem Tang has been what I would call fairly available this year which was nice to see for a change. But no Yellows!

So now you are up to speed on the current situations. Send an e-mail if you want to receive a weekly or so e-mail with an excel file with lists and schedule news.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Have GREAT holidays!


December 7, 2021

Kupang corals will be arriving to LAX on December 15th ...

(Previous pages are no longer available, please see current Kupang list.)

Kupang Corals Main Page

November 10, 2021

Hi fish friends,

Hope all are doing well and your heaters worked when you plugged them back in. Just a quick update on things going on, and not, out in the fish and coral Indo-Pacific.

Most of the island sources remain without scheduled air service and all are charter flights only, which is very expensive. Bali freight is now $18 per kilo, up from $8. Repeat all over the world. We are hoping when scheduled air service returns, the rates will go back down. At the present, air freight is the only way to get anything to the U.S. to sell before Christmas, so space is being bid up by industries that never use air freight. Chaos ensues. Order early, with a large helping of patience please.

Australia is all but closed for some coral surveys. Vietnam soft corals, Kupang with all types of corals, and Kenya fish are all booked to arrive next week, last chance to order for these shipments is now. Fiji and Cebu are weekly and both have good fish. Sri Lanka is coming every few weeks as they can get space, also with great fish. The Kenya fish are outstanding. Vietnam is great for shrooms and zoas, and Kupang for Acros and LPS, lots of good corals there, but a bit pricey. Tonga has not been able to get a shipment out in a couple of months, Covid finally got there this fall. There is some Australia in tanks in L.A. which is currently not shown on the website, so please inquire if interested.

Send me an email if you need any lists!


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