Corals Selection Guide
Hard & Soft Corals
Shown below are lists or photos from various sources of hard and soft corals.

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Australia Corals List

Ambon Corals List   - Currently Off-line

Bali Nusa Cultured   - Currently Off-line

Banda Corals List   - Currently Off-line

Fiji Corals List

Indonesia Corals List

Timor (Kupang) Corals List

Kupang Coral Photos
(Photos and Adobe .pdf list)

Tonga Corals

Tanked Fish & Corals
Includes corals from Indonesia, Viet Nam, and Australia

"What You See is What You Get"
Jakarta & Timor (Kupang) hard and soft corals

Assorted ...

Timor (Kupang) Corals
aqua-cultured assorted hard corals, soft corals, LPS, mushrooms, polyps

Fiji Nano Corals
aqua-cultured nano acropora, hard corals, soft corals (assorted, or all acros)

Soft coral assortments ...

Viet Nam Soft Corals, Mushrooms, Polyps

Viet Nam Ultra - Fancy Zoas, Soft Corals, Combo Rocks
"Rare, Premium & Limited" assorted mixed soft corals, mushrooms, zoanthids
Includes nine each of Ultra-grade zoanthids, Grade-A soft corals; and six mixed combo rocks

Viet Nam Photos

Viet Nam Soft Coral List
An example of the assorted corals Viet Nam has to offer ... soft corals, leathers, anemones, mushrooms, zoanthids, star polyps, mushroom & polyp combos
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